Thursday, July 08, 2010

Misty Lane

1967, The Chocolate Watch Band...A San Jose, California band, to some they define the roots of American Garage rock, but they were one of the few bands that could give the Stones serious competition style wise. They blew the bands they opened for off the stage. Singer Dave Aguillar was a great American punk blues stylist. One of their first hits was a definitive cover of Dylan's, It's All Over Now Baby Blue. This version of the Watch Band released 2 albums in 1966 and 67. They appeared in the period classic movie, Riot On Sunset Strip. One of my very favorite songs of all time is the Ray Davies penned, Not Like Anybody Else. For quite a few years, the only version I was familiar with was The Chociolate Watch Bands, it wasn't until around 1990 that I discovered it was the B Side of a Kinks single! I like Davies Version, but for me Dave Aguillar defined the song.
The original line up reunited around 2000 and has been playing shows looking and sounding remarkably unaffected by an almost 40 year hiatus. The 1966-68 verion of the Watch Band is one of my all time favorite bands!

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