Saturday, July 17, 2010

These Boots Was made For Stompin'

1973, Ann Arbor, MI...The Band, Destroy All Monsters does a pretty good job of wreaking terror, havoc and destruction with Nancy Sinatra's 60's Kitsch Classic.
The Musicians include the Asheton Brothers and the Painter Niagra on vocals. I have some of their 45's, but not this! Simply Smashing!
My mind is out to lunch today...I just put 16 bales of hay in my barn and the 50 year old doors are self destructing. We have to rebuild them now!
Update: did I say rebuild the doors?...nay, not so simple. I am building new doors.
The metal hinge anchor thingy on the bottom of one came out of the stone completely. The door fell over and it is severely damaged...the other one is ready to go as well...
These are huge! each side is 2,85m by 1,58m. I'm recycling all the hardware, but I had to cut the rusted bolts off and buy new ones. I got 2 huge pine beams and I'm using recycled poplar planks with an oak frame. I reset the iron post holder with quick set cement. I think I got the hinges correctly aligned...tomorrow, we will assemble them. Can any of you guys come over and help me lift these suckers into place?
Actually, we are going to use a tractor. Maybe if I don't severely injure myself, I will take some pictures.

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