Sunday, July 18, 2010

Octet Electronico

This is a Scopitone video of a live performance by Astor Piazzolla and his early 70's ensemble, Octet Electronico. Piazolla died a few years ago, he was born in New York City of Italian Immigrant Parents. They moved to Argentina. Piazzolla went on to become a master of the bandoneon or the button accordion and compose. He revolutionized the idea of Tango and composed for symphonies as well as seamlessly merging the tango style with jazz. In this group, he uses electric guitars and effects as part of his orchestration. The piece is compelling in its mutilayered time signatures and how it seems to be lush romantically traditional tango and angular avant garde at the same time.

note: I have obviously survived my barn door building and hanging experience. One side is built and hung and beautiful. No tractor was needed, just two crazy guys who figured out how to make gravity obey. The most satisfying sound I have heard in a long time was the sond of the bottom post clicking into place and the door swinging freely.


mud_rake said...

Congrats on your gravity-defying fete! And to think- you accomplished it while standing firmly on the ground.

On another note [pun] I was playing the piece above when my wife said, "What's that!!" She and I don't agree on music. She, unfortunately, has a narrow list of musical favorites.

darkblack said...

Hopefully this one-sided state of affairs won't endure indefinitely.