Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Republican Logic 101

Sharron Angle is the GOP candidate for the United States Senate seat in Nevada. During her primary campaign, she used a website chock full of extremist positions aimed at wooing the Republican party's extreme right (killing Social Security, eliminating the Departments of Education and Energy and shipping nuclear waste to Nevada, preparing for a "coming dictatorship"). After she took the nomination, her campaign took down the old site and put up a much more moderate one aimed at the regular electorate.
So her opponent, Dem Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, reposted the old site, under the title, "The Real Sharron Angle."
In response Angle's campaign sent a copyright takedown notice to the Reid campaign, alleging that reprinting her campaign materials was a copyright infringement and demanding that they cease reprinting her old materials as part of their effort to demonstrate the agenda espoused by Angle when she was in the less-public realm of the GOP nomination race.
The Reid campaign responded by posting highlights from the old site to a new URL, SharronsUndergroundBunker.com.

So, Sharron, your crap is all over the web. Does that mean you are gonna sue every body? It's another case of "That's not what my lawyer said that I meant to say when I said it."

Republican Logic 101


mud_rake said...

Good post but how many dumbed-down GOPers will actually know the truth about Angle? I'm guessing 5% tops. The others will look for the "R" on the ballot and mark it.

Anonymous said...

You're going to rely on that site for "truth"?
Of course it's honest...

...just as "honest" as the GOP's parody sites I'd venture to guess!

The truth about Harry Reid is that he's a douchbag who stopped representing his constituents long ago...and they're sick of it.


microdot said...

So ask the skank to marry you, Sepp!
Another one of your teabag hotties!
Honestly, you are begining to really crack me up!

-Sepp said...

Just honesty MD. Reid should have kept to representing the people who elected him instead of representing Obama. THAT is the reason the dems are running for cover this year. The people are tired of the B.S Reid has been pulling. I can't say if Angle will be better or not. But, she's going to go in knowing that she can be replaced too.
My own district congresswoman has been sitting on her ass for so long she thinks she no longer needs to answer to the district.
Town hall meetings over the telephone on a speaker?
What is this? Charlie's Angels?

You have to admit Microdot, when they don't feel they have to lie to you in person anymore and just do it over a speaker on a table, they've gotten too comfortable!

microdot said...

The bunker site is nothing more and nothing less than the honest real words and positions stated by Sharron Angle. She took her old site down and this was done from screen captures. I wold have posted the real screen captures if this parody wasn't so good. To quote Bettie Davis, "The Truth? You Couldn't Deal With The Truth...."
I have them if you are interested...
But if not, you'll just have to keep on guessin....

Anonymous said...

Angle and Reid both have made statements that pander to the lowest denominators of their parties. The difference? Reid has demonstrated that he will willingly sink to the point of acting on those words while in office!
Reid's downfall is Reid period. His constituency asked, begged and, pleaded with him to listen to them but, Harry chose to follow Obama over his employers.

I hope to see a lot more action like that from both parties. I'm glad the word is getting spread that none of these bastards should bother getting too comfortable.
I think the age of comfortable incumbancy is seeing it's end. I'm hoping the electorate becomes resume' based as opposed the letter based and image based.
Probably just wishfull thinking though.