Monday, May 23, 2011

7 Signs Of The Republican Apocalypse

Well, well, well, the world didn't end on Saturday after all, but while we all woke up disappointed to a beautiful new Sunday morning, there's still hope if you are a Republican Congressman in The USA.
Behold, the writing appears on the wall and one by one the mighty shaketh in their cordovans and findeth that verily, their deodorant doesn't seem to performing as advertised.
This week, the righteous Senators will vote on Paul Ryans apocalyptic budget forcing them to take a stand on destroying Medicare. Things are not looking good...
The shudda been easy win in New Yorks 26th District Special Election tomorrow doesn't look good for them at all and if Democrat Kathy Hochul wins this traditionally Republican bastion, it will be an epic disaster, a foreshadowing of how Republican Congressmen will be haunted by their vote to end Medicare.
There have been signs, portents and omens in the sky for weeks now, the polls are showing the Ryan budget as being as unpopular as Obama's Health Care Reform Bill at the nadir of it's unpopularity. The Congressional staffers are warning their bosses that "You might not want to go there" in a series of pre vote meetings.
Newt Gingrich was forced to demonstrate his amazing talent of spinning like a fat angel on the head of Rush Limbaughs pin...He liked it, then he didn't like it, now he didn't really mean to say that he didn't like in fact, he didn't say anything like that at all and if he did, well it's the liberal media's fault...whew!
That was some fancy dancin' Newt!
In Arizona, in a supposedly friendly meeting at the Fellowship Church in Anthem Arizona, the audience turned on Rep. Ben Quayle protesting the Ryan Medicare cuts.
In Las Vegas, last week, The Heck Town Hall Meeting turned ugly as his Rep. Joe Heck was confronted by his constituents shouting their protests and fighting with each other.
Paul Ryan, the author of the budget plan was confronted in Chicago by protesters carrying "Tax The Rich!"sign outside of his hotel when he was scheduled to give a speech on the plan.
Freshman Rep. Cravaack was forced to respond at a town meeting in Minneapolis and was called a liar and forced to admit that the information on the power point slides he was showing was inaccurate.
Meanwhile, MA Senator Scott Brown has completed his flip flop. He now has officially come out against the Ryan Plan. At first for it, now definitely agin' it...just bendin' with the polls, eh Senator? 

Even Mitch McConnell was forced to react to the attack ad showing a Ryan look alike pushing granny off the cliff in her wheelchair. "Let's just stipulate that nobody is trying to throw grandma off the cliff" he said on FOX News Sunday.
It's not that easy any more, Mr McConnell, if you really don't want to throw granny off the cliff, then you will have to come out and vote against the Ryan budget plan.

The wolf bays in the distance at the spinning moon. The stars are unfixed in the sky. The elephant crows like a rooster as a party now dominated by extreme, nutty ideologues finds it self in a lose-lose situation, in a wheel chair with out brakes, on a course of their own making as it heads over the cliff, into their apocalypse.....


Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Microdot,
The 26th district is one of the most conservative districts in the State of New York, presumably a safe Republican seat and until April, few Democrats thought this race was worth contesting.

But then something happened. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin released his budget plan, which included a drastic overhaul of Medicare and Medicaid. Many of his GOP colleagues, fearing trouble on the campaign trail, distanced themselves from the plan as soon as the details were released. In New York, Democrats pounced. The party has been able to generate substantial support for its candidate, Kathy Hochul, by connecting the dots between New York, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Just as I said in my post, "All showing up are not there to help you!!"

I think the Democrats have a platform to push….. “We won’t screw you over on Medicare that you have paid into your whole working life!!” Let the Teabaggers you voted for do that for you.

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

It never fails to amaze me how stupid Americans can be. Why do they have this infatuation with privatising Social Security and Medicare? That means that the money would be invested, which as the adverts say, "past performance isn't an indicattor of future performance".

In other words, the stock market can go bust and you will loose all your money.

The problem is that the right is well financed in US politics. Shit, so is the "Leftist" Democratic Party as well.

How much does it cost to buy a politician in the US?