Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fresh Berries!

gateau roule aux framboise
gateau yaourt aux creme marscapone fraise

Fresh fruit season in full swing at the La Sechere Dessert Research and Development Facility. The rolled cake is made from a sheet of merengue baked with sliced almonds. It was filled with a creme made of whipped creme and marscapone and raspberries. It was deocrated with more fresh raspberries and powdered sugar. The layered cake is a simple yoghurt cake, sliced in half, filled again with whipped cream and marscapone with fresh strawberries. It was glazed with raspberry cassis jelly and decorated with fresh gariguette strawberries and little wild ones....In spite of the heat and the drought, we are eating raspberries and strawberries everyday in every way we can think of. I am growing mara de bois, a variety called geant and gariguette.

The mara de bois variety is like a wild strawberry, but bigger and incredible....
 I don't know what the raspberry variety is. A friend gave me shoots about 10 years ago when he thinned his in the fall. I have two lines about 10 meters long. Though it isn't not going to be a good year because of the drought, I still expect to get 25 kilos.......

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