Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Revenge Of The Deep, Revisited

In 2009, I wrote a post called Revenge Of The Deep. In it, I traced the connection of the Mafia controlled illegal dumping of hazardous waste off the coast of Somalia and the rise of the phenomena of piratage off the Somalian coast. When I published the piece, there was a lot of outraged comments finding fault with me for offering any defense of Somalian piracy. I did not defend it, I tried to show the real cause of the phenomena. If I opened the unimaginative minds of any of the outraged commenters with that piece, then, I did what I set out to do.  The waste dumping decimated the fishing industry and created a toxic nightmare for the Somalian fishermen who made their living from the sea. The documentation of the ravages of the pollution on the population is only now being revealed. The documentary, TOXIC SOMALIA from 2010 reveals the effects on children being born with congenital birth defects. The documentary also deals wit the Italian reporter, Illaria Alpi who was murdered in 1994 while doing a report on the Italian Mafia's involvement and complicity with the Somalian Government in the dumping.
I have read reports of the connection that leads through a small Caribbean Island off the coast of Haiti called Navassa. Navassa has a bizarre history and is legally claimed as a United States Territory. It is uninhabited and has an abandoned US Coast Guard Lighthouse. It had been used as a source for Guano, huge deposits of seabird droppings that were mined for fertilizer.
Navassa is located between Haiti and Jamaica
Haiti also claims Navassa as a territorial possession and there has been an on going legal proceeding between Haiti and the USA over this issue.

Navacense Coat of Arms
But, there is another player. Navassa was 
discovered by Columbus and through a tangled thread of claims dating back to Ferdinand of Spain, 
Navassa has been claimed by a Columbian group as a sovereign state. They claim they are a monarchy and the little uninhabited kingdom is known as the Principado De Navaza.  The "government" includes a number of Italian Mafiosi figures allegedly involved in the waste dumping scandal. They use their Navacense Government credentials to establish claims of diplomatic immunity. Through the tangled history of this uninhabited, disputed little island off of Haiti runs the thread that connects the destruction of the ocean environment and toxic pollution of the shore line of Somalia and the rise of Somalian Piracy. I want to know more, but frankly, I'm a little frightened of what I might find......


Laci the Chinese Crested said...

It never fails to amaze me that people would rather trust big business than the government. Business is far more interested in the bottom, line than the general well being of the public.

mud_rake said...

I ditto Laci's comments above, but, sadly, it is true. That's why the GOP is managing to convince Americans that 'government is the enemy' and that the business world can better meet the needs of society.

Bests the hell out of me why the people soak that sit up like a thirsty sponge!!