Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ganeesh! Do That Crazy Thing!

Ganeesh is the Hindu household good luck god.
He is the god of good vibes!
When we were trying to buy this house, living here, not knowing
if the deal would go through, my nephew sent us a Ganeesh
from Nepal.
We hung him up, facing the door and later that afternoon, the phone rang
and we had the deal.
I'm posting Ganeesh to bring good luck for the Democrats in the
Wisconsin Recall Election!
Hey Ganeesh! Do That Crazy Thing That You Do So Well!


Laci The Dog said...

Kick those crazy Koch Brothers out!

Line them and the rest of their cronies against a wall and shoot them!

Or is that what their XE/Blackwater et al cronies want so they can run amok in the USA the way they did in Iraq?

It's time for another American Revolution.

microdot said...

Ganeesh says, "Win Some, Lose Some" Wisconsin picked up 2 Democratic State senate seats today...make sure you help them hold on to the new 16 seat number in next tuesdays election...donate to fight the Tea Brains, but the margins were tight and more recalls will come early next year...then? Ganeesh will do his best if we do ours!

dog gone said...

I'm still trying to recover from Richard Harris and the 2nd City TV clip....

I'm still hoping for Walker to be recalled the moment that is legally possible.

Ganesh! Try again!!!!!