Saturday, August 20, 2011

IED...ignorant economical dysfunctionalization

What is the short circuit of logic that allows millions of Americans to blind themselves to the manipulation of the dysfunctional economic system they are being buried under? What is the mechanism that gives them the idea that fair share  taxation, socially responsible programs and workers rights are some how subversive, to be classified as some kind of vague communistic/socialist plot? Because many Americans are programmed to respond to any question regarding these matters using these terms which, if pressed, they could never define.
I used to think it was simply a matter of class denial...there is something so blindly proud in the American psyche, that many people turn a blind eye to those worse off than themselves as if empathy was the first step in the contagion of poverty. To admit that one needs unemployment benefits, fair taxation and social welfare programs is a step closer to admitting that perhaps the view isn't so rosy out the window of your own trailer. This viewpoint, of manipulated upwardly mobile reality denial goes a long way to describe the mindset of much of the rapidly sinking middle class. "One day, when I get rich, I sure as hell don't want to pay no pay taxes so those the lazy poor suckers who don't want to work buy BMWs...."
But, that, for me was a lazy and simplistic and almost pathetically kind sort of logic.
The economic manipulation of America is based on simple tribal protectionist greed and  cruelty. Hasn't that been the social history of ethnic integration in America? The Dutch hated the English and the Swedes who hated the Swedes and the Dutch, then the Germans and other Eastern Europeans, who of course  had the Negroes as sub human slaves who became the target of the Irish who were hated by everyone and hated the negroes more than any one else to get accepted into the cycle of hate...
Luckily for the Irish, the Italians and Poles started to arrive .........
Call me a misanthrope, but we are all in the same boat. I live in the country and I have discovered that the idyllic country landscape is the scenic backdrop for clan warfare that has extended for centuries. The untold stories of betrayal and treason from the 2nd World War are still being fought here, but not with guns..
People never seem to be so united as when they have someone lower than they have a percieved common enemy. That was how George Bush Jr.climbed from just about the lowest approval ratings of a new president ever to his "mandate"...he was conveniently the president on 9/11 and the American people came together in paranoiac solidarity and gave him what ever he wanted.....
Well, this seemingly disjointed rant has a purpose. I saw this video of how a typical cross sections of Americans waiting in line at The CBS building in NYC for tickets for the Letterman Show, perceive the distribution of wealth and the equity of taxation which was broadcast on PBS.
It is a bout 10 minutes long, but well worth the watch. It begins with Warren Buffet's comments on Charlie Rose, which with in a few short hours after ir was broadcast had the spinning heads on FOX doing 240 rpm a second asking if Buffet was really a SOCIALIST?
Then it moves to Paul Salmon's  report on the wealth gap in the USA today.

Notice that it takes a Sweden (forced wealth redistribution) to produce the middle pie chart. In nature, money rains naturally into the pockets of the already rich and powerful. After all, what's the point of power if you can't use it to win every game you play? 

Note also, by the way, that it takes media collusion to keep people this confused. Only the low-income workers knew the state of things in their own country. 
Another note, pay attention to FOX as they find it more acceptable to refer to the concept of CLASS WARFARE as a buzz word to induce the paranoiac manipulation that corporate conservative America needs to obscure the real issues and retain power....
Why doesn't the USA have a PIRATE PARTY? It is time!  Check out the link and the news about the actual success THE PIRATE PARTY has had today in Germany and Sweden!

Amazingly good use of graphics and animation. A much-watch, in my opinion. 


mud_rake said...

Beats me, Microdot. The fact is that most Americans have no idea how economics works and what makes it operate properly.

As you know, the mathematics curriculum in the U.S. is highly impractical. Who needs Geometry II or Algebra II in the real world?

Economics I would be of much greater usefulness to students than the other nonsense.

microdot said...

Well, that is why there are so many real jobs unfilled in America and a real reason why a lot of companies are going over seas to find qualified workers. The qualified entry level applicants just don't exist and it is the failure of our degenerated dysfunctionaly un funded educational system.

microdot said...

btw...mudrake...i was still editing this piece when you commented! wow!

J.O.B. said...

Mic- I enjoyed your post. I also agree with Mud on the math system in this country. I will admit, that I do not fully understand economics and how it works. I'm trying to self-educate, but sometimes it is hard when you don't have a direction to follow.