Friday, August 12, 2011

Superman Takes On The Tea Brains

Two panels form a 1952 Superman Public Service Strip. The days when civic responsibility, the enoblement of society, the ultimate logic the common welfare insured the individuals welfare was considered patriotic rather than the creeping symptom of a subversive socialism agenda.
Today, the selfish, adolescent attraction of an ultimately socially destructive twisted fiction of masturbatory greed, Atlas Shrugged, has been embraced as the embodiment of the principles the Tea Brains espouse. 
In the long run, the principles espoused in Atlas Shrugged run counter to any theory or set of facts espoused by evolutionary and genetic theory. Atlas Shrugged was a fiction. If you want to learn about the basic principles of how we are genetically programmed to the real selfish act, altruism....
You would do a lot better to pick up a copy of Thomas D. Seeley's fascinating book, The Honey Bee Democracy. We could learn so much by emulating the behaviour, or by simply not thwarting the genetic programming innately within us that compels altruism as a strategy for specie survival.  
Here's the entire Superman strip from can click on it to enlarge it.


Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Microdot,
Great posting and it truly shows just how far we have degraded as a society as a whole in the last 60 plus years….as I can remember how we as a nation use to be and seeing it as it is today, really kind of makes me sad.

ny edge said...

So by Teabagger standards Jesus and Superman were socialists...ah those good old fashion values ain't what they used to be