Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cold Cold Heart

Hank Williams Sr. The real deal 1952 on The Kate Smith Show.
"This a song that bought us plenty of beans and biscuits."


squatlo said...

It's a shame he didn't name his talentless bucket-head of a son something other than "Hank", because the kid has nothing to recommend the name. Senior was a genius. If his son's name was Fred we never would have heard from him and we'd be better off for it.

microdot said...

I agree 100%. The boy treads water...or better yet, tries to keep the name viable with his big mouth. A totally lack luster career cruisin on his daddy's rep...The most patjhetic thing aboiut Hank Jr. is that he even makes Ted Nugent seem coherent compared to him.