Monday, July 23, 2012

Mitt Romney Real Time Wealth Accumulation Calculator

The "Mitt Romney just made" page is a running calculator that shows a realtime estimate of Romney's earnings while you watch (He made $940.38 while I wrote a couple of blog posts and got a bowl of cereal for my daughter). It also lets you calculate your own Romney earnings. For example, making a 10-minute egg (including the time it takes for the water to boil, and a minute in ice-water to loosen the shell):
"In the time it takes me to boil an egg, Mitt Romney makes $2,596.08"

Check it out and find out how much fucking money Mitt Romney just made from his off shore untaxable, untraceable, UNAMERICAN 1% entitled upper class foreign bank accounts here....

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microdot said...

what a fucking drag...I posted this and then it seems to have been hacked...someonde is fucking with the web site...I wonder who?
On the other hand, I heat that Mittens Twitter follers are increasing a thousand fold per hour! He's paying for foreign Twitter accounts! I do not have a Twitter account and do not intend to get one, but today I seem to have had my email address used three times to start phony twitter accounts....Twitter, of course is impossible to contact, unless of course you have a Twitter account...but what the fuck that that mean?
Hey Mittens, if you're paying for foreign twitter followers, how much? I'll follw you on twitter for say...750,000 motherfucking dollars US...but I won't start the account until the check clears!