Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sergeant Pepper Spray

Sergeant Pepper Spray

As of today, the official comment regarding the Lt. Pike...aka Sergeant Pepper Spray, who remains on "paid leave"  from the University of California:

"I don't know when that's going to get resolved."

Think about that for a minute.
This incident happened 8 months ago! In five months time, two independent bodies managed to complete an exhaustive investigation into every aspect of the incident. Yet even after an additional three months, the internal affairs process - the investigation, the hearings, and perhaps the appeals - is still not completed for one single individual, whose actions are on videotape.
Nor is there any word about when they'll be complete.
Someone, whether it's the university or its police department, needs to explain why this review isn't over and why this man is still on the university payroll. Two independent studies had enough time to reach a conclusion, but the Mayberry cops at UC Davis couldn't?
This is why cops get a bad rap, at least in part.  When one of their own do something wrong, it sure seems to take hell and high water to get anything done about it - but, on the other hand, it sure says a lot about the power of Unions to protect the rights of the working man. Lt. Pike, the utter asshole, can thank his Union for protecting his rights up until the bitter end.....this works both ways, but it works....
Think about that!

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