Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bain Capitol Part #2

It's a good thing the nice policeman wasn't a jerk. Instead of arresting this terribly threatening woman (cue sarcasm), he agreed to hand-deliver her letter for her, after Romney campaign workers locked her out and called the police.
Sensata, as you may recall, is the company where Bain Capital is in the process of
shutting down plants and sending jobs overseas. Adding insult to injury, Sensata workers are required to train their replacements. I wrote about this story on August 14th and the history and background of Bain Capitol.
While Mitt Romney isn't directly ordering the closure, as a Bain investor he is certainly benefitting from it. As one Sensata employee said, hearing Romney speak makes her physically ill. Who wouldn't feel that way after losing their job and financial security while having to cheerfully train their overseas replacement? The stories are heartbreaking.
I realize there's a lot of people out there who will vote for Mitt Romney just to get Barack Obama out of office purely on manipulative racial prejudice and the nonstop propaganda of the corporate right wing noise machines, but I hope they'll stop and ask themselves whether they really want a guy as President who thinks people exist for only one reason: Profitability. This is what drives Romney in business, and it's what will drive him in office. We're just chattel; the corporations are king.

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