Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thunder Road

I have been reading the great bio of Robert Mitchum, Baby, I Don't Care, by Lee Server.
I discovered a totally original self made artist, Mitchum was bigger than any of his roles...and among his other personas. he occasionally made records. By all accounts he was a pretty good saxophonist.
In the early 50's he was passionate about calypso and recorded a record and in the late 60's he reocrded some Country and Western and had a #1 C&W hit.....When I hear some of the stuff from this period, I think of a stylistic cross of Keith Richards and Dean Martin......
But in the late 50's he made the original bad boy moonshine car chase classic which set the standard for an entire genre. The film which he wrote, starred in and directed was Thunder Road and he wrote and sang the music as well...I'm going to watch Thunder Road this weekend!

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