Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Next President Of The United States?

Mitt Romney, idiot savant? Perhaps he is inadvertently telling us something we should actually know?
I mean, once the shit hits the fan after he assumes his position as CEO and he finally has to face the reality of his financial legacy? Perhaps, he really is sort of letting us in on his little secret; that Ryan will be the next president ....
the official 2012 Romney/Ryan hood ornament and logo
We have to stop thinking about Mittens Romney as an individual. He is the figurehead, the hood ornament, so to speak of a monstrous chopped Hummer limo that has been trying to steamroll the vague concept of Democracy that Americans fantasize about. Mittens has proven that the farce of a convention, the traditional waste of billions of dollars that they ceremonially perform is a useless process...He has proclaimed himself the candidate, he has already chosen his Vice President and as far as he is concerned, the convention will be nothing more than a coronation ceremony to affirm the Presidency which he has been buying for the last 8 years. Why are these peons even going through the sham of an election which he has already bought? Mittens quest for the presidency has taken on the aura of a coronation, a biblically predestined prophecy...after all he is a patriarch, a bishop in the Mormon Church. There is no other reality for him, this is destiny and, he is ready to do what ever it takes.......
The best laid plans are historically derailed by human fault. The Republicans are systematically attempting to disenfranchise millions of American voters to steal the election. They are only energizing and raising the awareness of how crucial this election really is in the process. But the biggest fault of Mittens is sheer and utter arrogance.
Arrogance. Arrogance beyond the edge of the ridiculous.
For four years,  John McCain has suffered the torment of damnable ridicule and roasted burlesque: How could you guys have been so dumb as to enlist Sarah Palin as the VP pick? Where was the "process"? Were you really so desperate and knowingly doomed as to heave overboard all semblance of good judgment and prudence? In brief, what were you thinking?
Now, though, the pressure McCain and though he is still adamantly claiming that his choice of Palin was bold, the ridicule is redirected, the snickering burlesque has relocated, and that fundamental question--What were you thinking?--has descended on the reigning nincompoops at the Romney campaign. Alas, Sarah Palin has been replaced as America's worst vice-presidential candidate ever, and McCain can now avert the slings and arrows of snickering interviewers. Four words: Paul Ryan, Eric Fehrnstrom.
For the last two years, President Obama has struggled to fashion the election as a choice. Mitt Romney has countered, logically, with a referendum. For the Republican, a choice election is a lost election; he would instead billboard the economy's chronic troubles and recommend a fix or two and thereby capitalize on electoral malaise. Romney's plan entailed a simple, straightforward strategy which had decades of empirical justification behind it.
Yet three little complications emerged. One, jobs have continued their return, despite congressional Republicans' best efforts to waylay every last American family. Two, Romney somehow forgot to piece together a plausibly specific, alternative economic plan (the Keystone pipeline is no fix for a $15 trillion economy). And third, Mitt Romney has proceeded to demonstrate beyond any doubt or mistaken impression that he is the bumbling, befuddled, squawking and exceedingly irritating Jerry Lewis of this Martin & Lewis presidential contest.
The Democratic mauling of Paul Ryan will approach felonious assault. Joe Biden will leave only barely recognizable pieces of him in the veep debate and President Obama will crucify him on the stump and congressional Democrats can now officially present to their districts and states the Great Satan of pseudoconservative extremism as being in the direct employ of Jerry Lewis.

Once again Mitt Romney has buckled to the selfsame ideologues who have wrecked him from the start; he has signaled his weakness and advertised his fear; he has sentenced himself to three months of defending Medicare and Social Security's demolition; he has resigned his generalship and handed command to a reckless militant; he ... has ... lost.
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