Monday, August 27, 2012

Even Sicker

On August 14th 2012, I published a piece, Sick To My Stomach on the programmed closing of a profitable American business in Freeport Il, The Sensata Company which was acquired by Bain Capital, which in and of itself, stands as a shining example of the callousness of Republican vulture capitalism. I wrote of another company in Troy, Michigan which was acquired a few years back by Bain when Mittens was still officially at the helm. In both cases, highly profitable companies were acquired, and outsourced to China to save money on labor costs. The employees are being offered the "opportunity" to train their Chinese replacements. Romney recently extolled the virtues of Chinese "sweatshop" labor.
Now imagine how it would feel to someone reeling from the effects of Romney's business model?
Employees of the Bain-owned company Sensata, watched the video and were asked for their reactions.
Not surprisingly, they had some very harsh words for the Republican candidate.
If you want to know what the “Romney Economy” is, why don’t you look up Sensata in the book and see what Sensata’s doing for the people of Freeport, Illinois. If that’s what you want for your future….but I’m sorry to tell you that’s not what I want for my future. This is the disease and it is making the American economy even sicker.

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