Friday, August 31, 2012

Old Man Yells At Chair

Well, my immediate reaction to the Republican National Convention and the United Psychotic State of America is...well...there comes a time when the only appropriate and noble reaction is complete and utter anarchistic pointless and  meaningless mayhem...RAMMING SPEED!

Politicians from both parties twist facts or spin policy, but Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign has had a particularly strained relationship with the truth, repeating false claims with impunity — even after fact checkers, mainstream media organizations, and blogs have all debunked their assertions.

From claiming that “Obama gutted the welfare work requirement” to insisting that his own policies won’t deregulate Wall Street, Romney has led a post-truth campaign. A top adviser even admitted earlier this week, “We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers.”

ThinkProgress has compiled a Viewer’s Guide comparing what Romney says with the facts:

Romney On His Tax Plan || Romney On Wall Street || Romney On The Budget
Romney On Bain Capital || Romney On Obamacare || Romney On Medicare
Romney On Women’s Health || Romney On Energy || Romney On Global Warming
Romney On The Auto Bailout || Romney On Welfare Reform || Romney On Food Stamps
Romney On Security || Romney On LGBT rights
And what about Gramps Eastwood and his little performance? It was....kinda special:
Here's a recap if you missed it:
Frankly, I sincerely believe America is totally fucked, but don't ask me...Today. my only comment is 

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