Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Little Too Close, If You Know What I mean....

Only 45 Motherfucking Beers, Randy? 
Cheezopeeza man, I have trouble keepin count after
 two 6 packs!
Randolph Linn, an Indiana man who pleaded guilty to arson charges today in a Federal Court in Ohio, revealed his motives to the judge in a plea bargain for the Sept. 30 incident at a Perrysburg Township mosque. Linn, drunk on 45 beers by his own estimate, poured gasoline on the second floor prayer room of the Greater Toldeo Islamic Center and started a fire. Luckily no one was there. Linn could clearly be identified in security cam footage and was caught swiftly by the FBI after a tip came in from a woman who knew him and was aware of his hatred for Muslims. He was in possession of three guns when he was arrested.
The 52-year-old truck driver claimed that he’d become “riled up” after seeing images of wounded soldiers on television. “Every day you turn on the TV, you see Muslims trying to kill Americans,” said Linn, who settled on the mosque in Toledo that he knew from his truck route.
When a federal judge asked Linn if he thought all Muslims are terrorists, Linn answered: “I’d say most of them are.”
When the judge then asked him if he knew any Muslims or what Islam is, one member of the mosque who was present at Linn’s hearing told

“And he said, ‘No, I only know what I hear on Fox News and what I hear on radio.’”
Predictable, but that still doesn’t make it any less sad. At least no one was hurt.
Linn also said:
“Muslims are killing Americans and trying to blow stuff up. Most Muslims are terrorists and don’t believe in Jesus Christ.”
Linn apparently had second thoughts during the drive home. “Coming back, I thought, `What in the heck did I do?’
He added “I feel bad I did it,” and “It’s a little too late now.” Ya think?
Fox News had this asshole’s head so twisted up that he actually believed in his tiny little mind that he was a good patriotic American performing an heroic act. Fox News whipped up so much hate and rage in this poor buffoon that he literally couldn’t handle it and now he’s going to spend the next two decades rotting in a Federal penitentiary.
This isn’t the first time Fox News has inspired some loser to do something potentially homicidal remember 
Byron Williams, the obsessed Glenn Beck fan and Oakland freeway shooter? What about good old boy, Kenneth B. Kimbley Jr.
, another ardent Glenn Beck follower?).
With a guilty plea like Randy Linn’s, well, that ‘s a gift: it’s time for American Muslims to take Fox News to task in some sort of very expensive class action suit. They slander Muslims with impunity, convincing killer dum-dums like Randy Linn that all Muslims are terrorists and providing a forum for folks like that hateful harpie Pamela Geller. We know what motivated this lunatic—he told us—hatred, ignorance and Fox News, not necessarily in that order. I myself am pretty sure from his background that Linn has had an on line presence for at least 6 years. And that his involvement with the Perrysburg Mosque was not a "chance" incident. If he is who I believe he is, he had been a blogger from the midwest who had been reporting on his "surveillance" activities at the Perrysburg mosque since 2006. If he is who I believe he is, he has actively threatened progressive bloggers from the Ohio area who posted on the sites he frequented expressing views he didn't like. I received threats from this guy in 2007 here in France. He claimed he knew who I was and was reporting me to Homeland Security as a terrorist. I did not believe he was mentally capable of the tech stuff involved in making good his claims and this entire story more than proves what an utter ignorant dangerous jackass Randolph really is.....


squatlo said...

Well, you can't blame this shit on the messenger. If an idiot wants to set fire to an Islamic center or mosque, it's just to convenient to blame it on the talking heads of Faux News.

Of course, since the most misinformed people watch nothing else, it might be appropriate after all.

45 beers? And he was driving?

Something tells me ol' Randy sucks at math AND arson.

squatlo said...

Obviously, I meant to type "TOO" and not "to".

Dammit. Call someone an idiot and then misspell a word...