Monday, December 03, 2012

Bamako City

In my last post on Mali and the GCAM Relief effort, I posted a video of Damon Albarn with Afel Bocoum talking about their new collaboration, Mali Music Unplugged. This is the second series in Albarns ongoing project of collaborating with Malian musicians. The first was his 2002 recording Mali Music, with Bocoum. He is working with OXFAM to raise money and awareness for Mali. Malians need your support more than ever. The AQMI Religious militant coalition that is threatening Mali controls the Northern part of the Saharan country. I have a PayPal button at the side of the blog to raise funds for the NGO, Groupe Coordination Aude Mali who work with Toureg Tribal Villagers and now are engaged in a desperate attempt to help them evacuate their traditional home lands and get to safety across the desert in Mauritania and Burkina Faso, then help them stay alive once they get there.
This is an assault on an ancient rich culture and their traditions. Malian musicians are being forced to flee and their music has been banned by the Islamist Fundamentalists. Musicians are being threatened with death and their music and instruments are being destroyed. Support OXFAM and plese consider donating a few dollars to GCAM through this blog with the PayPal link on the side!
The recording is called Bamako City - From the album Mali Music. This wonderful track is performed live from Mali. Recorded for Mali Music Unplugged - a special performance from the Sahel with Afel Bocoum and Damon Albarn. Damon Albarn was the leader of the great British group, Blur and now the great conceptual pop project, GORILLAZ!
I have to restate that what we are trying to do is not political, it is purely humanitarian and cultural assistance. The situation becomes more desperate each day, but in the desert, a little help goes a long way. 18 million people urgently need food and water in West Africa's drought-struck Sahel region including Mali.Together we are demanding world leaders act now to provide food and water for the hard months ahead and invest in long-term solutions to ensure this never happens again. Add your voice here:

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