Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Bike Trip Of 2012

I wish I taken a camera with me today. I had a pretty good ride, perhaps 40 kilometers roundtrip to Hautefort and back to Badefols d'Ans.
The hardest part for me is getting started, because the beginning of any bike ride from here, is uphill, then into a valley and then a steep climb back up to Badefols d'Ans. By then, I'm after the initial warm up, I decided to ride to Hautefort. Downhill one way through forest and farm land and then uphill the other. Hautefort is the village that is the chef de commune the county seat and is the site of one of France's most imposing chateaux. It was first constructed in the 13th Century as a fortress by the celebrated Troubadour/Knight, Bertrand Le Born. It was re imagined and reconstructed in the 17th and 18th centuries as a Baroque masterpiece with slate covered domes and one of the great formal gardens of France. Of course the site is well off the beaten path, so it remains authentically unspoiled. I know a lot of the lore of the Chateau and it has been the set for many movies. So the video I found is at a place called Les Jaquets, about 2 kilometers from Hautefort. Today was pretty sunny and mild, but of course it is winter and not as green as the video. Les Jacquets is at the bottom of the descent, then I had to go up the hill to Hautefort, where I stopped in at the local cafe and had a beer. Then I had to ride home...But for reference, when I have to go shopping, this is the nearest place with a super market! This is where my garagist is. This is civilization for me! My village, Badefols d'Ans has a little store and a bakery....that's it. I've lived here for over 10 years and I can't imagine wanting to live anywhere else.
Here's another video, midway between Hautefort and Badefols d'Ans. There are two chateaux in the panorama from the location at place called La Boslavie. One is Hautefort and the other is my village, Badefols d'Ans. I actually live a few kilometers south of Badefols d'Ans in a little bump at the end of rural road wher perhaps 5 other humans live, called La Sechere.


bj said...

Looks a lot like Tennessee ... well .... until you zoom in on the Castle, anyway ....

Ol'Buzzard said...

In an Escher world it could be down hill all the way.
the Ol'Buzzard