Saturday, December 15, 2012

God Won't Stop You From Killing Again....

please god stop me before i kill again!
I make the embarrassed admission that I use facebook from time to time. Over the last year or so, I've picked up a very unlikely collection of "friends". Some are pretty brilliant and witty folks, but many are old acquaintances who have emerged finally from the cannabis haze of the years to reconnect with me and somehow having their mental scrofula healed by psychically touching the hem of my royal garment. I won't mention names, because I don't want to embarrass or hurt anyone, but I'm always amazed by the born again losers who have somehow survived to become born again geezers. I have to hand it to them. This morning, I was appalled to see how many times this particular graphic was "shared" by some of these  cute little fuzzy brained old buds of mine. 
Of course, this was a post shared to somehow convince themselves that they were momentarily distracted and had an unpleasant emotional episode by the horrific tragedy in Newton, Connecticut yesterday. I have to say, this enraged me beyond my ability to rationally respond. I read the immediate attempt by the usual gang of idiots, Limbaugh...Mike Huckabee and Bryan Fischer trying to change the subject, predicate and noun, to hijack any logical attempt to think rationally about this tragedy by immediately going off on the fact that god was not allowed in the secular public classrooms of America. Their god, their particular dogma cannot be forced down the throats and injected into the minds of kids...that's why this happened? How long before we have to listen to these same idiots try to deflect the real issues and avoid the real crisis in American society by claiming that liberal homosexuals caused this to happen or equate the murder of children with legal contraception and birth control? Don't worry, the spin has just begun. I could give you links to the articles I have posted in the past few years on my thoughts on this insanity in America. I have written extensively on the role of the Pharmaceutical Industry and the growing correlation of the personality disorders caused by the unregulated use of prescription mood altering drugs to treat and maintain "difficult" children and "problem" young people. But any attempt to make the pharmaceutical industry or the gun supporters look at them selves in a self critical way is pointless. To them, any introspective attempt to police themselves is an admission of guilt.
They will not and cannot regulate themselves. The entire world is their market place and we are all their victims. From the gun bazaars of Somalia, the AQMI Coalition in Mali, the violence on the streets of Marseilles...where do you think the weapons come from? Who makes them and manages to export them to the black markets all over the world? 
I live in a country that has outlawed religion in schools for over 200 years. Religion is a cultural condition...France has been dealing with western religion for 2000 years. There were the wars of religion, this is where the crusades were born...we had our inquisitions...but we don't do that. Sure the majority of French citizens will say they are Catholic, but take it from me, most French men get baptized, go through the childhood religious rituals, they might get married in church, get dragged to an occasional midnight Christmas mass and then there are funerals...But that's it. Not like the almighty guilt control trip of the Catholic Church in America...If you miss Sunday mass, you better get your sorry ass tout de suite to a confessional and do penance or face eternal damnation!
Yet, with our godless society, France has approximately 1/10 per capita gun deaths than the good old USA. Here's a chart of gun violence in countries all over the world that was published by the Guardian earlier this year after the Aurora, Colorado Massacre. Look, guns are not banned here. I live in a very rural place and all of my good buddies hunt. This is place of old customs and traditions. I've gone out with the guys a few times and one of my neighbors is a gendarme. I wake up to the sound of guns on Sunday mornings in the winter...But, interpersonal firearm violence is practically non existent. We as a culture love crime shows, but it's a whole other ball game. I have many ideas as to why this is, but why don't you tell me what you think!


mud_rake said...

re the 'I'm not allowed in school' nonsense, apparently the 'good' Christian who designed and those that bought the T- shirt do not understand the term, omnipresence.

However, as it is a 4-syllable word, we can understand their ignorance.

Ol'Buzzard said...

the deaths of the children are outrageous...but there were ten people who died from gun violence in Chicago yesterday.

Conservative gun rights supporters will try to change the subject and focus from gun control to mental illness.

It doesn't wash: the availability of guns...weapons is the catalyst that results in unnecessary violent deaths of the innocent.
the Ol'Buzzard

microdot said...

Thousands of kids are killed by guns, bombs and the senseless slaughter of crazy "adults" all over the world everyday. It isn't real to most people unless it is something they can imagine as happening to them. It's not real unless it was on TV in their own country...Palestinian children are just faceless numbers in something happening somewhere else.