Monday, December 17, 2012


Another night of Zappadan, but here's another way of celebrating. George Duke is one of the premier, groundbreaking jazz rock funk and soul fusion keyboard artists of our time. He played on so many projects as a studio side man and his own incredible partnership with the Jazz/rock monster drummer, Billy Cobham. But George was the backbone of Frank Zappa's projects for over 10 years, providing his artistry and genius, humor and vocals to the level of precision that Zappa demanded. In 1974, Duke recorded a solo album called Feel. A pretty incredible soul, fusion rock project with the Brazilian musicians, Airto Moreira as a percussionist and the fantastic Flora Purim on vocals along with George. This is a cut called simply, Love. Frank is the guitar soloist on the cut and had to use an alias, Obdool X, because of contractual difficulties. The president of Casablanca Records contacted Duke because he wanted to sign and produce the mysterious "Obdool X"...Duke just said...|uhhh he's out on tour now and I can't get in touch with him"...of course, Duke was touring with Obdool at the time. Here's a video of George Duke talking about his relationship with Frank Zappa and his music.

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