Sunday, February 25, 2007


I posted this for ohdave. This is the moment in 100 Questions that I wrote of the exchange between Segolene the MS Victim. It's rather long, 7 minutes and the tear jerker comes at the end.


ohdave said...

My god, I think I'm in love.

ohdave said...

Microdot, what's this about taking a year off? I don't get it. What are they talking about?

microdot said...

Dave, I believe she is referring to the Socialist Party Platform idea that every French citizen should be able to participate and benefit from a National Service Program. People will be compelled to do some national service of some kind which can be used as educational credits and will be paid. It's not a year, but it will be three months. People will be allowed to submit their ideas of what they would like to be involved in.
The idea is to mix up the service, young will work with old, rich with's about opening up society, sharing ideas and experience and people helping people. Sounds pretty good, pretty idealistic, but ideals which can accomplishe a lot if they are mandatory.