Friday, February 02, 2007

An Offer He Can't Refuse

Southern Methodist University was chosen by George W. Bush as the location of his library after the end of his presidency. Usually this is a big honor for a city or an institution, but SMU seems to be having problems with it's members about whether the library is appropriate for their school.
They seem to be having problems handling the morality of his legacy and don't want their school to be associated with the trampling of human rights, the pre emptive war policy, ignoring international law, etc., etc., etc....
Hey we have no problem here at The Two Creek Strip Mall on Route 79 A outside
of fast growing Gnarlsburg, Indiana! Okay, so the Ye Olde Christian Sex Shoppe was a flop and Arnolds' Amish Candle Emporium only lasted 4 months in the location.
There was a Mr. Leons House of Beauty which stayed in business for 12 long prosperous years until most of Leons clientel died of old age and the younger girls weren't interested in the Blue Perms he specialized in.
Also, when they built the overpass, a lot of the local traffic was diverted to Rte 83 for easier access to the turnpike, but we are going to turn that around.
Today, the owners of the Two Creek Strip Mall want to make this very generous offer to President Bush! He can put his stuff here, the books, papers and anything else he wants to store in this spacious 1028 square foot well lit modern store in the mall!
We will knock out walls, and even spring for a new paint job and get this!
Two months free rent!
Who knows, you just might be around longer than Amish Arnold and his Candles!
Extra added bonus! There is 600 pounds of bees wax in the store room in the back and we are throwing it in as well! Come on down, Mr. President!

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jen said...

I think that an abandoned strip mall would be the PERFECT place for the George W. Bush Library. Of course, if the library only holds books Mr. Bush has read, then there will be plenty of room left for the Dick Cheney Hunting Supply Store to move in next door.