Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Todays Yoots

Maybe it's me. I don't think so. America has been taken over by a beast that has its its fangs sunk deep into all political parties and sections of society. There is a torpor, a malaise of ideas.
When I see broadcasts of demonstrations, there are no young people. Just old farts like myself looking greyer and a little more loopier each year.
I found this photo earlier today of my old building on East Fifth Street in NYC and
it made me think of the last time I saw the building, about a year ago. You would not recognize it now, perhaps some architectural details remain, but the Yuppies who
are being cursed and threatened in the graffiti, won.
Maybe it's too much of everything. Experiences are too easily obtained. The drugs don't work any more. It seems that there are no dreams that haven't been dreamt already. Everybody who plays guitar playsfaster than Hendrix if they even play guitar, why bother when you have music programs. We've already seen it on Television.
Why try to change the government? The bastards have all the angles covered.
I know there are young people with ideals and energy, I know quite a few.
But I also know too many who can't be bothered.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a well written hefty dose of reality!

Anonymous said...

so let me get this straight: if you're educated and working in any kind of professional manner ...that's bad? i wish i knew. i would have just sat on the beach all day smoking pot.

thank God all of you boomers are dying fast.

microdot said...

Anonymous 2, getting something straight and warping it with your malformed mind are not the same thing.
Did you sit opn the beach when you were younger smoking too much pot?
Myt post was about strivng for a better workld, which I will never stop striving for.
What are you for besides mindless yahooisms?...
I am younger than you will ever be.
nighty night...