Saturday, February 10, 2007


I'm a little upset after a watching some television talk shows that featured non-stop mean spirited anti-Segolene humor and discussions. This is turning into a real American style Republican negative campaign. The media owners seems to be all Sarkozi buddies.
It was a relief to watch my very favorite French program,GROLAND! Things don't get anymore politically incorrect than that....Groland is an imaginary country...with imaginary news that is a little too real. Sometimes it is so much fun to be offended by experts.........
Here's another anti Sarkozi flash video that I found especially poignant for all you Star Wars fans out there!


spork_incident said...

I know nothing about French politics.

I get Sarkosy - do I like Segoline?

Anyway, do you, Patrick, make these videos?

Really good!


microdot said...

Mr, Spork, No I don't make these videos, way beyond my technical capabilities. I'm trying to give you Americans a flavor of what is happening here. Pretty intense emotional and creative stuff.
Should you like Segolene? I think so, she's attractive, extremely intelligent, passionate, strong and very left of center.
Should you like Sarko? He's a fuckin neo con fascist dwarf!
I tried to simplify things a bit....

-Sepp said...

The news I've been getting says that your girl Royal has no plan or, platform whatsoever. Not until the media questioned her cluelessness did she manage to have her advisors brainstorm a cobbled together "plan" for France. Hint...John Kerry was the same way and look what happened to him!
One question I do have, will the French leftists kick, scream, whine and pull hair and call the election "rigged" if they lose?
I liked how here in the USA, every liberal numbnut was screaming how the ballot machines were tampered with and rigged...until they won and, then of course the machines were ok.

microdot said...

Haw Haw Sepp,you've been reading the the propaganda custom made by the right wing French media. In reality, the speech was very exciting and she has shot up in the polls.
Why bother going over the American electoral mess in this post?
The facts are there, the case is being made day by day, Florida is rejecting the computers, your state voting officials are in court and resigning, your ex secretary of state spent 5 days shredding documents before he left office and it looks like he didn't shred enough!
You spend a lot of time customizing your reality...
Hey, Democrats can win a clean election and if the system isn't open to scrutiny then the bastards will always try to steal it!

Comandante AgĂ­ said...

Man, those cops in riot gear really resemble stormtroopers. Nice mash-up.

My French is pretty rusty so I only understood a little bit, but I get the idea. Sounds like Sarkozy is the more-intelligent, French version of Bush. Scary, indeed.

Is Le Pen running? Let's hope he splits the right-wing vote and gives Segolene a win!

microdot said...

Si Comandante! Le Pen got his signatures and is more senile than ever. Sarkozi is trying to bite into his traditional territory and LePen is biting back. There is also the Catholic Right anti Immigrant Party with Phillip DeViillier. The Pleasure Party featuring a very cosmetic surgically enhanced over the hill stripper who is giving personal performances for mayors all over Frabce to get her signatures.
Chirac came out with a book of his memoirs today that will be a best seller. He talks openly about his affairs and lots of political anecdotes. In it he talks about Sarkozi's mentor Edouard Balladur, who was the President back in the 70's. He reveals that Balladur had made some pretty sleazy deals with LePen back when LePen's Front National was a militant fascist force to be reckoned with. Now most of his militants are alzheimer victims wearing adult pampers. The story involves a young Sarkozi and should give the media lots to chew on!
Meanwhile, Segoulenes' non program as Sepp chooses to report about it is the hot item and has thrown Sarkos campaign into turmoil.
Things will get uglier, but this is a woman to be reckoned with!

-Sepp said...

I had no idea the French media was so powerfull as to influence every new source I read!
The socialist had no plan, idea or, anything else that hasn't been tried and failed before. Pandering to the poor before the election and then promptly forgetting them until needed again is getting old.