Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Great Wall of Cheney

I spend too much time thinking about Dick Cheney. For a few years, it was rumored that he was the real power behind George W. Bush. Holding him in thrall,
telling him what to say, what to do. All this seemed to be sort of a conspiracy theory,
a little too strange to be real for most folks. But how does a man who is by the numbers, the most unpopular politician in America, under the shadow of so many investigations, stay in power? His continued stonewalling to refuse to reveal
the members at his energy conferences, when he split up the energy pie early in the administration, his refusing even to reveal all the members of his staff, claiming security precedence and executive privelege look incredibly suspicious. The secrecy of unprecedented proportions, his appearance on political talk shows and speeches which defy reality all add up to a dangerous equation. A man with his own agenda that is in direct collision with the rest of the worlds reality.
Perhaps the man is coming undone as Frank Rich suggested in his column on Sunday in the NY Times, rattled by the reality check of the Libbey Trial and the proof of allegations which are surfacing daily. Perhaps he is wary of Fitzgerald and knows that the prosecutors sights are really on him.
A rattled man who is his own government branch with a staff of almost 100. A man who micromanaged the flow of information at the CIA in the buildup to the Iraq War and is most certainly trying to do the same thing with Iran.
A man who has become obscenly wealthy because of the involvement of the USA in this disastrous war and stands to make more if Iran threatens the flow of oil in the Atraits of Hormuz because less oil means more profits for the oil companies!
A man to whom the Constitution is a piece of idealistic prose written on rotting parchment over 200 years ago by men who had no idea of the complex world that operators like him have to navigate in. Besides, he's the vice presidentt and you're not!

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Village Green said...

I want to read spill-all articles that gives us the inside view of how Cheney and the rest of the insiders have run things since stealing the 2000 election from Gore.