Friday, February 16, 2007

Fascism Crushes Hope

For the last 2 years I have been a real fan of the blog, AMERICAblog. I feature the link in the side bar and look at it at least once a day to check out what is going on in the
minute to minute world of American politics. John Aravosis has created a great blog that is a real news source. He has a few steadfast contributors with different viewpoints and ideas. One is a guy identified as Chris in Paris. He blogs about
Financial matters and is always breaking stories that become bigger issues.
Occasionally he writes about French politics from an American viewpoint, but
my take is usually he just doesn't get it. He covered the French riots last year from the viewpoint of a frightened foreigner who didn't have any sympathy for the kids
and understanding of the issues which triggered the violence.
Lately he has made a few entries in regard to the French elections. In his entries, he has flat out said that Segolene Royal has already lost the election and doesn't have a chance and has already compared her to Kerry. When I read his posts, I feel that he gets all his talking points directly from the French pro UMP Press which is fed by
the Sarkozi Noise Machine. According to him, her meetings have been failures. She has already shot herself by the "gaffes" she has committed. She has no plan and desparately cobbled together one at the last moment.
I find this very disturbing and I wonder exactly where he gets his info from?
This is a campaign like France has never before seen. Sarkozi's organization has huge resources, they have more money than any political organization has ever had before and a 24 hour attack staff that is using Republican Party offensive swiftboating tactics.
Sarkozi this morning was exposed in LeMonde for putting forth financial promiises that have no toehold on reality! He has come across as a Liberal to the Left and the most ardent racist to the extreme right. He has proven that he will do anything, say anything, and abuse his power as Minister of the Interior to be elected.
In fact, the campaign has not officially even started yet. I have a very good feeling that Sarkozis tactics are beginning to backfire and Segolene is going to come out swinging..
Here is something very disturbing, Nikola Sarkozi released a book last year called Testament. He states his philosophy and ideas in it. It sold in France over the summer and early this month was released in Italy. The Italian version is called Testamonianza and the Italian forward was written by Giofranco Fini, who is one of the leaders of the Italian Fascist movement today. Fascism is a philosophy which uses violence and believes that any method at hand can be used to seize power. Power is meant to be wielded brutally to keep the rulers in power. Fascism usually succeeds because it uses means that are outside the norm of accepted behaviour so most people don't have the means to resist it.
Fascism crushes hope. By accepting the Noise that the Sarkozi machine spews and repeating it, you are crushing hope. If you are interested in French politics and you should have some interest because the out come will affect you and youur world one way or another, take some time to find out about Segolene Royal, an amazing woman who seems to be full of hope!


historymike said...

It's hard for me as an American to gauge how much of Sarkozy's bluster is just campaign rhetoric, and how much he really believes this neo-fascist bullshit, Microdot.

Thanks for keeping us on the other side of the pond updated on your very important election.

Village Green said...

How nice (not!) to see Bush's virulent brand of thuggish politics influencing French politicians. That "swift-boating" could ever become an effective campaign tactic really bothers me. How could people become so dulled that lies are swallowed wholesale?

-Sepp said...

Facism crushes hope and socialism crushes initiative and self reliance. Just because you don't personally agree with a platform does not automaticly mean it's facism. LIBERALS have a nasty habit of labeling everything they don't agree with or, understand as facism.

microdot said...

I would ask you sepp, if you are doing more than a "drive by" posting, how you define fascism?
I could say the same thing of your opinion regarding the label socialist,
You conservatives label anything that you don't agree with as communist. I understand Mr. Sarkozi's language and methods. Do you even know what he is doing here?
Do you know anything about the French Socialist Party and Segolene Royal except you don't like the word socialist and you're against it?
Your woeld view is extremely simplistic.