Thursday, March 15, 2007

Allez Sego!

The next President of France dancing with Jamel Debouze to a live performance of Diam's monster hit La Boullette! You have to love her.


Village Green said...

Great stuff! Hey, did you see the AP report about this candidate:

"PARIS - The latest attacks on Segolene Royal's bid to become France's first female president came Friday not from her main rivals but from a former Socialist Party colleague who until last month was part of the effort to help her win.

The vehement criticism from lawmaker Eric Besson was published in newspapers as the year's most closely watched European election approached the home stretch.

Le Figaro quoted Besson as saying that he feared for the future of his children if Royal is elected..."

Is this just sensationalism? What's the scoop?

microdot said...

Very interesting as this is the only news making out of France regarding Segolene! Besson is the socialist mayor of a small village who is a business man connected with Vivendi. He was chosen by the Socialists to put together their economic program. He has a personal feud with Francois Hollande, the head of the party and Ms. Royals companion. It came to a head a few weeks ago and Besson who has a huge ego, noisily quit the party. Segolene was asked off the cuff as she was exiting a rally if this would have an effect on the campaign and she replied, not aware that she was being filmed, "Besson? Does the public even know who Besson is?" So his feud with Hollande became a feud and vendetta against the entire party. He did television interviews claiming that he was out of politics and had no problem with Ms. Royal. Then 2 weeks of silence, and then he issues an entire book full of vitriol and smears with a campaign to go on TV to promote it.
How do you write a book, get it to the publisher, on the stands and publicity tour lined up in 2 weeks?
There are book shelves lined with pro Sarkozi praise written by junk psychoanlysists, senile television stars, a rap artist who can't put 3 words together in a public interview...the list goes on. The UMP is very connected to the media and publishing industry. This book was put together by a Sarkozi team of writers...the connection of Sarkozi to the media starts with his wife's family...there is a story in itself. I think this book will not change the minds of people who were going to vote for Segolene, and the French public is getting suuspicious of this kind of is very sleazy!

spork_incident said...

How do you write a book, get it to the publisher, on the stands and publicity tour lined up in 2 weeks?

Get in the good graces of Rupert Murdoch?