Saturday, March 10, 2007

White House of Dark Shadows II

The President stared blankly at nothing in mid air. Reduced to a state somewhere between life and death, he heard the shuffling of the mindless zombies in the hallway, moving stacks of papers, some falling to the ground and being trampled by the
undead staff who were mumbling incoherently. The demonic vice president had been banished to his lair. His appearances in public had become confused, his image before the camera blurred and out of focus. His dark aura was leaking after the capture and defanging of his pet, the evil imp Libbey. The dismissed prosecutors were beginning to turn on the Attorney General and his pentangular amulet of power was beginning to crack.
The Presidents undead zombie wife Laura was beginning to smell a bit in public and there was nothing that seemed to disguise the scent of rot. She stared fixedly into cameras, unblinking and mindlessly repeated the mantra "Things are getting better, why do they only report the bad things that happen in Iraq? Things are getting better........Things are....gettting....better....."
There was only one thing left to do and the undead zombie president reached for the special lever installed inside his desk. It was time to....


engineer of knowledge said...

A few weeks ago, the Lord of Darkness who once was Alfred E. Newman, arrived at the Hyatt in Cambridge, MD. His faithful servant, Donny Rummy, was seen getting his driving licenses renewed in Eason, MD by a close friend of mine. Donny is now hiding out from the bright sun light making preparations for his master, Dickey Cheney, whom we know likes to hunt. It is his prey of choice that the citizens should be worried about. Talbot County has the world-renowned think tank, The Wye Institute, at Wye Mills, Maryland. Well educated people from many countries around the world have come, discussed the subject and have come to the conclusion that Iraq’s current events have been so miss managed that there is no good outcome for this “Cult of Evil” controlling the events. Those in the trucking industry have noticed a large increase in shipments of boxes filled with pints of whiskey, shot guns, and one can of Dr. Pepper to be used as an alibi when it is needed.

People on the Eastern Shore of Maryland are showing concern that the evil that is looking for a sanctuary has chosen our home here. My only recommendation I can give to the masses that will be in danger is to sharpen a lot of wooden stakes, stock up on wolf bane, and produce as many necklaces out of cloves of garlic as they can.

microdot said...

Be afraid, be very afraid!
Your story is a lot scarier than mine, because it portends real palpable evil in the near future.
Something very stinky is afoot, and my dog wasn't responsible this time!

I want to continue the White House of Dark Shadows mini series. If youu give me an episode I will post it with a very scary picture!

engineer of knowledge said...

Many of the Washington elite have homes here on the Eastern Shore around Cambridge, MD. and Easton, MD. It is quite common to see Dicky or Rummy around. Phil Gram of Texas also has a home outside of Cambridge. There is a good story with that one also.