Tuesday, March 06, 2007

White House of Dark Shadows

Sometimes I want to write on a subject and befor I start typing, everything I thought I knew about it is old news. Quite a few times I've wanted to say something about the firing of Federal Prosecutors by the Justice Department. The entire thing smelled rotten from the first word of it last month. Then there was the avoidance and arrogance defense by the Attorney General, when they become arrogant, you know something really wrong! Now it seems the White House has changed it's line twice in the last 24 hours. Congress is holding hearings and subpoenas are being issued to the fired prosecutors. Hours ago, the Director of the Executive Office for US Attorneys, Mike Battle, resigned. He was the Justice department official who personally informed the prosecutors that they were being let go. Many of the prosecuutors were let go in the midst of investigations and cases. The White Houses line that they were not efficiently pursuing the Presidents agenda is looking pretty murky in view of the fact that some were pursuing cases of corruption. Republican Senator Pete Domenici of New Mexico is being investigated over claims that he contacted now fired Prosecutor, David Iglesias of Alburqueque before the November elctions to spur him into prosecuting a case he was investigating concerning a Democrat. Iglesias wouldn't cooperate and now he is fired. Domenici first claimed that he had never had contact with Iglesias and denied everything in spite of the fact that Iglesias told the story of the attempt to pressure him. Now tht the case is getting serious and is documented, Domenici is starting to crack.
This is another major scandal that will lead to the Attorney General, who should be impeached on a number of grounds. How many times has he lied blatantly to Congress in the last few months any way? It won't stop there. it will lead ultimately to George Bush and his immature junior fascist style of governing.
The biggest fear I have is that all of these scandals breaking around George are going to force him to create the crisis that will shut out all the noise...he will attack Iran just to create more chaos. One thing he knows how to do is to exploit chaos and fear to consolidate his hold on power.


Village Green said...

Something is rotten in the District of Columbia and the stench has spread from one end of the globe to the other. From the shocking mistreatment of veterans to outing of CIA agents, one nation under disgrace that's what it is.

JollyRoger said...

"Electrode Al" Gonzales is destined to claim his rightful place as the worst AG this country has ever had.

I cannot, and will not, forget Biden's calling him "the real deal" a couple of years ago-in spite of all the stuff we knew about him even then.

Chris said...

What's that Ghandi saying about dictatorships never lasting?