Thursday, March 15, 2007

Marie George Buffet

Another French Presidential Candidate from the Left. Madame Buffet was born May 7, 1949 iin Sceaux, Haute de Seine. She is the head of the French Communist Party, joining in 1969. She served as Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports from 1997 until 2002
when she succeeded Robert Hue as head of the party after his failed run for the presidency. She is currently a deputy in the National Assembly, representing Seine-St-Denis.
She is a passionate speaker and idealist for the party and led the opposition to the European Union Constitution referendum. She tried to unite the small parties of the left last year so they could come together and represent one presidential candidate, but it was unsuccessful, so this election there are 3 separate branches of the Communiist Party, each with their own candidate.
She is a tireless worker for labor unions, affordable housing for all, energy initiatives,
and putting an end to privatization. She has become an organizing force with tthe Communist parties in the other countries that are members of the European Union.
Of course, she doesn't have a chance of winning, but as a candidate under the equal media time rules of the French Elections, her message and ideas will be heard by the majority of the voters and influence the positions of the other candidates!

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