Tuesday, March 20, 2007

White House of Dark Shadows III

The Legions of the Unpurged Federal Prosecutors are unleashed upon an unwary populace.
Controlled by the darkness within, they do the bidding of their unholy masters.
They walk among us!

After the release of communications and files by the Justice Department last night (the midnight dump)
it becomes apparent that the real problem is not that some Federal Prosecutors were purged. That is a can of worms that will lead to many different scandals.
The real problem is the Prosecutors who were kept! They are the ones who are pursuing cases at the bidding of the White House for purely political motives.
We learn today that Fitzgerald was high on the hit list, but his high profile saved him!
Carol Lam, who led the investigation into the Hookergate CIA Scandal which took out Duke Cunningham and Foggo Bottoms was a victim of the purge and from the emails obtained, was purged to stop a new corruption investigation. This was discussed by quite a few members of the administration. She was referred to as a "real problem" and targeted. What is the definition of a conspiracy to obstruct justice? Isn't that a felony?

for more information on the Patrick Fitzgerald aspect of this, I'd like to refer you to
Politics in Mudville and a nice piece LD wrote about this today!

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