Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dick of Dubai

Today in a surprise move that has a lot of lawmakers shaking their heads, the Vice President, Dick Cheney announced that he was moving the Vice Presidents office to Dubai. The new Vice Presidential Office is located in the luxurious new Halliburton Mosque and Office Tower Hotel Complex. The move is unprecedented and when questioned about the legality of setting up an executive government office
in a foreign country, Mr. Cheney told our reporter to "Shove it".
During rather hasty move, it was reported that a few computers and other archived record storage devices and filing cabinets were lost at sea in a rather vague
accident. The only comment about the accident from the Vice President was a
surly ,"Accident? You wanna see an accident?...asshole!"

Hmmm....Carol Lam the Californian Prosecutor who was purged after she successfully prosecuted Duke Cunningham reprtedly was going after Cheney next. It seems that he might have bribed Cunningham and there was a check involved that happened to be the exact amount of Cunninghams new yacht, The Dukester.
That and reports that the misinformation campaign and suppression of research concerning Global Warming was coming directly from the Vice Presidents super secret Energy Task Force might be making things a little hot in Washington
despite the rather unglobal warming type weather, for the Vice President.
Oh yeah, they weren't able to purge Patrick Fitzgerald!
Maybe this Dubai move isn't such a far fetched fantasy.


steve said...

hahaha, where did you find a picture of him with his signature evil smirk?

microdot said...

The Cheney face was on Google Images.
I've used it before, I'll use it again!
Cheney has joined the legions of the undead...I think he coming to the next episode of The White House of Dark Shadows as The Mummy.......

Chris said...

microdot, I believe your services are needed at Cliff Schector's blog:

Maybe you can work this into one of your stories?