Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Night Fuck Sarko!

Let's keep it real! Here's a few moments from a live concert in the middle of Toulouse by the most popular rap artist in France today, a 26 year old Buerre (Algerian/Urban French) girl named Diam's. If you can't speak French, well, pick up on the energy! This is an extract from a piece called La Bouille and the refrain is Fuck Sarko! Sarkozy, even if he managed to get elected, could never govern France. He's the problem and these kids are the future!
To put Diam's in perspective, she is a tough young feminist, very political, very much anti violence and fights against the repressive male culture of the Banlieus. Extremely intelligent, one of the new generation of political literary rappers. She is being haeled as a great French poet!


Boz said...

Heh, I'm sure that's just the kind of Frenchwoman that Le Pen would love to ship back to Africa. I think the word "scum" might come to the mind of another prominent candidate...


microdot said...

Elle est une racaille! C'est le mot que Mr. Sarko a dit!

-Sepp said...

Hmmm "fuck Sarko", yeah that ranks right up there with the great artists of France.

To rank that trash among those of France's great artists devaluates
French art culture as a whole. I'm sure after the comparison, all the great French artists of the past were spinning in their graves to be compared to an AMERICAN artform born in a ghetto and, spoken in a way to keep it there.

Don't count on Chopin or Morrison being booted from Pere-Lachaise to make room for her anytime soon.

microdot said...

Now, now Sepp, a little youthful enthusiasm...why don't you read a little Rimbaud to get an idea of how far out a young poet can be. Jim Morrison was just a wannabee compared to him. Fuck Sarko isjust part of the refrain of the piece and only a small part of her work.
You can't hear the rest of the piece, so why criticize whgat you don't understand?
I would love to post some stuff by the young rapper, Abdl Malik, who is very political and works with Jacques Brel's music arranger. Another one of the top sellers in France today, or Grand Corps Malade, a guy who is more of a poet... but whose records are in the top sellers.
There is a big difference between the rap in America which is primarily gangsta nasty stuff and the socially aware political focus of this music here. The only right wing rapper who is around is a guy named Doc Gyneco who has mnade such an ass of himself tryoing to promote his ghost written tribute to sarkozi book that he will probably never sell another cds in France again!
Meanwhile, Sego and Sarko are dead even according to last nights polls.
Thursday night, Segoline will guest host a very popular prime time entertainmnet news talk show which has been having all the candidates on as guest hosts. Sarko was Monday and his appearance was the stuff political satirists dreams are made of! Bayrou was last week and he put all of France to bed early!
I predict that Segolene will effortlessly seduce the rest of the audience who hasn't fallen in love with her already! She is that good in person! If Bill Clinton had half her charisma.........