Sunday, February 07, 2010

The 59 Sound

So here's a generational thing from New Jersey live on stage....
I decided a few months ago that I really liked the New Brunswick band, The Gaslight Anthem. I think they make big muscular punky political populist rock and they keep getting better. This piece is called The 59 Sound from their 2008 release of the same name on Side One Dummy Records.
They obviously have a big fan in fellow Jerseyite, Bruce Springsteen who has joined them on stage a number of times and Brian Fallon, the singer has appeared with Bruce. This is from the Glastonbury Festival last June 28.
Look for their 2010 release, American Slang out this June. If you get chance, check out their recording of God's Gonna Cut You Down on the 2008 Johnny Cash Tribute Recording, All Aboard! A Tribute To Johnny Cash.

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