Thursday, February 18, 2010

Super Dick

Over the weekend, Dick Cheney finally admitted he was immortal and had super powers.
The former vice president admitted he was a "big supporter" of the Bush administration's use of torture on suspected terrorists.
Many legal experts, including one time Nixon White House Legal Expert, John Dean, seem to concur that Cheney's admission was an acknowlegement of his complicity in a war crime.
Dean said that Cheney merely "admitted to torture, which was once a war crime" Dean cynically continued, "I'm not sure after the Bush Administration lawyers got finished with it that it was."
What is does make clear is that Cheney obviously has no fear of prosecution for his admission and is certainly throwing fuel on the fire as a cynical political act.
Stay tuned for Super Cheney's next TV appearance when he will again astound us with his magic defillibrator.


mud_rake said...

Your title says it all. The poor codger needs to get back to Wyoming and leive out his final few years in peace and quiet. Back in DC, he believes that people actually want his views, but apparently no one has told him yet that we've been there, done that and it failed big time!

steve said...

I read Tom Tomorrow regularly, and one day I was curious to read other Salon cartoonists. So I clicked on one that looked interesting, and it took me to (wish I can remember) a cartoon that had Cheney in some kind of Bondage apparatus with Lynn Cheney whipping his ass and cranking some diabolical crank while Cheney's cheeks puffed out in pain and pleasure.. It's the funniest image I've ever seen and will indelibly mark my psyche forever.

Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Microdot,
It has always amazed me how or why Dick Cheney, or Bush for that matter, does not have a warrant for his arrest generated from The Hague for his war crimes. Why has Dick not been indicted by the United Nations War Crimes Tribunal? After all Radovan Karadzic, the former prime minister of Kosovo, was arrested in Serbia for committing atrocities against Muslims during the Bosnian war.

How is Dick Cheney any different than Radovan Karadzic? They both attacked another country without provocation, ordered the death of innocent people, sanctioned torture, etc.

Why has the whole world community not demanded that justice be served for the laws that were so blatant ignored as arrogantly broken?

To use another Super Hero dilemma because this is certainly the “Bizarro World.”

Anonymous said...

'cuz there's not enough of last year's hippies & bozo clowns left to prosecute cheney's extreme right-wing fanatics!

uncle buzzy

Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Microdot,
I am confused with what Uncle Buzzy was trying to say. How did we go from the United Nation’s International Rule of Law to the "Hippy" generation of 40 years ago, only to then refer to the famous Italian clown that went by the name of Bozo? I do not make the link of how a generation of U.S. citizens referring to 40 years ago or an Italian Clown would have the legal degree and have passed the bar to prosecute infractions of International Law subject to War Crimes?

I think that Uncle Buzzy does admit that Dick Cheney’s Extreme Right Wing Fanaticism Viewpoint somehow gave Dick justification in his own mind to commit the War Crimes.

I think that maybe Uncle Buzzy (and is this a reference that he smokes pot and endorses the use of said illegal substance) could elaborate on what statement he was trying to make. Maybe Uncle Buzzy will come back to elaborate and explain his meaning when he comes down from his marijuana buzz high.

microdot said...

Uncle Buzzy is an anonymous commentator who should refine his use of sarcasm as a tool of communication. You are correct, Mr. Engineer, his point of view is not very clear.
Obviously, cynicism and sarcasm need an intelligent operating system to be used effectively.

mud_rake said...

He was the 'star' of the CPAC Convention especially popular when her groaned the 'one term president' line to the hungry piranha.

lpcyusa said...

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