Friday, February 19, 2010

A Techie Question From An Idiot

I have a question. I am basically computer ignorant. All I know is practically through osmosis, except for Photoshop....
I have a senile first generation imac. This machine has served me well for over 10 years, but it has it's limitations. I am going to upgrade, but for the time being, it is out of the question.
I am running it with as much memory as I can squeeze into it and with the help of a friend, I am running Mac OSX.3.9. I keep getting notified by web sites I visit that I have to upgrade my browser. Most recently, and alarmingly, YouTube gives me messages that soon my browser will not be supported. I have Safari and Firefox and I have preferred Firefox for years. The problem is to upgrade to the browser that they recommend, I have to have a newer operating system. 
To install Mac OSX into this computer, I had to partition the hard drive and I can't really upgrade it. So, I think that Opera 10.10, which is one of the recommended browsers for YouTube will work with Mac OS10.3.9. 
I downloaded a version of Opera10.10 for Mac OS, but I haven't tried to install it yet. Has anyone out there had any experience with Opera? It looks pretty cool and has a lot of features. I am sure that no one has had the problem that I am having now but any insight or advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Laci the Chinese Crested said...

I used to use Opera, but moved to firefox for some reason that I am not sure. Each browser has its own points. I may go back to Opera since I just upgraded it on one of my computers. The problem is that each browser has its way of making you use it. That is how it handles your info in the transfer (bookmarks and so on).

As for operating systems--I have to admit to using the evil windows XP (and vista on one computer). I would prefer not to, but my last attempt at Unix trashed my computer. Any upgrade would be to Ubuntu.

Personally, I would prefer that there was some open system OS out there, especially since most OSs are based in the Xerox PARC project. For some reason, the father of GUI didn't sue the socks off of Gates, which he should have, and we are stuck with the microsoft monopoly.