Friday, February 05, 2010

Raid The Radio

Here's a subversive little riff that will worm its way into your cerebral cortex...
The band is General Elektrik and this is the studio cut of Raid The Radio from their latest release, Good City For Dreaming.

In person this is the ultimate keyboard experience. Herve "RV" Saters is a consumate master and brings his sense of wild style and retro Dance to life with his clavichords and mini moogs, even using vibraharp to enhance the 70's funk/techno fusion. These guys do it right and have the credentials. Saters has played with Femi Kuti (the son of the Nigerian legend, Fela) and Blackalicious and now General Elektrik. I saw them last night and I am a convert.  Saters is a performer that you have to see live! How can any human dance so crazy and play so brilliantly at the same time?

The band is French, but they formed in the USA. Saters lived in Seattle and Berkely. Again this is music that had to go outside of the French Music Mafia to exist. They do perform a few pieces in French, but most of the lyrics are aimed at the intelligent anglo market. There is a piece that weds Gainsbourgh to Grandmaster Flash....
I must admit, they got it all right. 70's funk clavichords, hilarious moog humor, critically accurate technique with a deadly pure pop target used with wild abandon, samples....vibraharp, a really great bassist and guitarist and a drummer who knows when to use tympanis!
Check out their web page to see their latest news and get more info!

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