Friday, February 26, 2010

They Didn't Let Senator Smith Go Home To Watch Football!

So what is the real deal regarding the time honored Senate Tradition of the Filibuster?
GOP Senator Bunning is filibustering the extension of unemployment benefits, and has so screwed things up that now those benefits will run out on Sunday before this bill can pass.

The thing is, the Democrats aren't making Bunning conduct a "real" filibuster. A real filibuster is just like in the movie "Mr. Smith goes to Washington." A Senator has to sit on the Senate floor forever, continually talking, or else the filibuster is broken and we can move on. But that's not what's happening. The Democrats let Bunning go home last night to get
a good night's rest, and now he's back at it this morning. He had the gall to complain that he missed a few hours of a football game! Even worse, The Democrats have allowed the Senators to call a Quorum. The quorom is a way for Senators, like Bunning, to take a break and still be able to come back and hold their place when they feel like it (it's the legislative equivalent of calling "save!" when a kid gets out of his seat while watching TV). The thing is, Democrats can stop Bunning from saving his seat by simply objecting to the quorom call. Then Bunning would have to keep talking and talking, and not even be allowed a bathroom break unless some other GOP Senator stepped in to help him.

That's what a REAL filibuster is. And they're a real pain in the ass to organize and keep going. I wanna see a filibuster just like in the movies! If I gotta put up with these jerks and the pain they inflict, I wanna see a little pain inlicted!

So why don't the Democrats force the Republicans to mount a real filibuster?

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