Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Alarmed Viewers

We will return to your regularly scheduled broadcast shortly. Don't be alarmed.


squatlo said...

Laughing out loud... my lovely wife, who has patiently listened to my rants and raves about the Tucson shooting for three straight days and nights had finally settled into her seat to watch her favorite programs tonight... when suddenly instead her dramas, Barack Obama appeared on every network to bemoan the shootings in Tucson.
I'm not sure anyone has been as understandably upset about a political interruption since President Johnson forced Jeff Foxworthy to miss "Flipper" with one of his addresses to the nation.

I think they just delayed regular programming, because she's stopped muttering at the television. There for a minute I was pretty sure Obama had just lost at least one vote for reelection, for sure.

-Sepp said...

So you made her watch Obama's 2012 election kick off?
Complete with T-shirts and slogans taken directly from his "organizing for America" website!
"Together we thrive!"
Recycled from his own campaign website and printed on free t-shirts!
Fucking sick to use a memorial to victims of a tragic event as fodder for your own reelection!

It was beyond distasteful.

What did appear odd was the fact that even Obama seemed uncomfortable with some of it... which might even indicate that he DOES have a sense of decency even where his supporters lack one.

microdot said...

Beer goggles