Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tonton Macoute

Uh huh. Because he was always so generous and helpful in the past.
Former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier ended his silence, telling Haitians he returned after 25 years in exile because he wanted to participate in the reconstruction of the earthquake-shattered country.

The 59-year-old ex-strongman, speaking in a faint voice in his first public comments since arriving in Haiti on Sunday, told Haitians and reporters that he was ready to face "persecution" and had timed his return to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the Jan. 12, 2010, earthquake.

"When I made the decision to come back to Haiti to commemorate this sad anniversary with you, in our country, I was ready for any kind of persecution," Duvalier said Friday. "But I believe that the desire to participate by your side in this collaboration for the national reconstruction far outweighs any harassment I could face."
(in other words, he has totally blown the funds, through his dissolute and spendthrift lifestyle, he absconded with when he left Haiti, 25 years ago, and thinks he can weasel his way back in to start the whole process up again....Big Mistake, Baby Doc!)


squatlo said...

If Baby Doc really wants to help with Haiti's reconstruction, he should fork over the millions he and his father's regimes stole from the Haitian people... and do it on his way to stand trial at the Hague.

microdot said...

I am beginning to suspect that Duvalier has become more than a little softy in the cabeza...
It had been rumored for a while that he had blown most of the funds he had pilfered when he left Haiti. He really hasn't done anything but fuck off for the last 25 large...I think his wife had a lot to do with his return....
And yes, it was not a very smart move how ever you think the cards are dealt.

mud_rake said...

Already there are many dumbed-down Hatians who 'want' Baby Doc to assume governance. Yet, I ought not skewer these people because there are also millions of Americans who want Caribou Barbie as president.

I wish that scientists could work on identifying that abbarent Neanderthal gene.

squatlo said...

mudrake; they've identified the gene in question, cloned it, and are dumping it into the water supply as we speak.

If you had a magic button that would instantly reduce the average American's IQ by twenty or thirty points, one side of the political aisle would be jumping on top of that button like a Riverdancer on speed. They WANT a dumbed down populice. It makes folks easier to manipulate and control.
You can't stifle scientific advancement, promote religious dogma, or ignore evolution and climate change if people are educated and paying attention. The shallow end of the gene pool will always be crowded.

microdot said...

The latest from Baby Doc is the statement from his lawyer to the effect that he came back to Haiti to begin the legal procedure to un freeze the millions of dollars in his family bank accounts so he could "give them to the Haitians" to aid with their reconstruction.
Oh Yeah Baby! Where have we heard this before?