Saturday, January 08, 2011

Living In Palins Crosshairs

From what I understand, Sarah Palin removed this image a few minutes ago from her Facebook page.
I'm sure she will issue a statement claiming that she is "horrified" by the attempted assassination of  Arizonan Democratic  Congresswoman, Gabrielle Gifford in Tucson.
The details at this time are sketchy, the shooter was taken into custody after being taken down by members of the crowd. 
Gifford was having a community meeting at a neighborhood Safeway market. The reports now say that perhaps 6 people were killed and 12 wounded. Gifford was shot in the head, point blank and is in surgery. 
"Palin has crosshairs on our district; people have to realize there are consequences to that," Giffords told MSNBC
"One Democratic source tells me shooter called out names of people as aiming at targets," Ed Espinoza, DNC Western States Political Director, Latino Workgroup and Vets Council staff, tweeted Saturday afternoon.
Is this the price Americans who stand up for their principles have to expect to pay now that we are living in the final brutal days of rage as the dinosaurs become extinct?


Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Microdot,
I just did a posting on this exact same subject today.

Gabrielle Giffords won election to Congress amid a wave of Democratic victories in 2006. In November, she edged a tea party favorite.

One has to ask, "Could this have been her offence that warranted her death in someone’s sick mind….She is an incumbent Democrat who defeated the Tea Party’s Candidate?"

I am afraid that as I have predicted many times in my comments, this was a Fanatical, Conservative Nut Job, and Teabagger Assignation.

microdot said...

And I just posted on your page, mr. engineer...

squatlo said...

Hope this isn't what it appears to be, and think we should use restraint before assigning political blame... but if this IS what it appears to be, Faux, Palin and the whole teabagging world ought to know they have the blood of a dozen people on their hands.
Until facts, let's just chill and watch... pray if you're of that sort.

Jack Jodell said...

Fox, Sarah Palin and her "hit list", and Sharron Angle and her "second amendment remedies" are directly responsible for this outrage!!!

microdot said...

Squatio, what it is or it isn't is a matter of personal acceptance or denial. It happend. If the pool didn't have so many turds floating in it, it wouldn't have happened.

microdot said...

Amen, Jack.

squatlo said...

When I wrote my comment to your post, a lot of the facts had yet to be revealed. Many are still hidden... I've been wrong so many times on things that my emotions led me to believe were true that I've learned to use restraint. If it turns out that this was indeed inspired by right wing hate talk, and not the act of one delusional, deranged young man I'll be right there with as withering a criticism as anyone out there.
But until I've got definitive proof, it's not just a matter of personal opinion. My opinion doesn't mean shit when lives have been lost or are in the balance.
When it's clear what's happened, those responsible will hear from us all.
God, this just sucks...

-Sepp said...

The crosshairs was a metaphor for democrats that needed to be replaced "take em out" of office! As if you didn't get that anyways suddenly.

It would make for some great anti right winger propaganda if the shooter wasn't a confirmed LEFTIST!

Too bad he had rants all over the net calling America a "terrorist state", was an avowed athiest, flag burner, new ager and, listed the communist manifesto as one of his favorite books!

Hardly a right winger by ANY stretch of the imagination, although some of you libs stretch you imaginations regularly.

Just one of your own who has been calling for revolution (hmmm big topic in the leftosphere lately) because he was pissed that the GOP is retaking power and Obama has slid away from his extreme elements in order to keep his job after next year.

Gifford was a pro 2nd amendment and pro-border security democrat who the extreme left see as a right winger regardless of the (D) behind her name.

Good luck trying to deflect this onto the right since everything this asshole has ever said has been leftist bullshit.

microdot said...

So following your obvious line of rationalization, it was obviously Obama's fault! Sepp you are worse and quite a bit dimmer than my brother in law.
You know that the ranting of a deranged young man has absolutely nothing to do with this issue and is not what I am talking about here. .
I'm sure you've had a busy night, spinning your snark all over the web and that explains your seemingly cranky tone.
By the way, Sarahs show got cancelled and evertime any one mentioned Palins name in an interview in Tucson on Fox, they cut to a commercial.

-Sepp said...

Obama's fault? Not at all. That would be just as idiotic as trying to blame Palin or, insinuate that she influenced that asshole somehow.

"The rantings of a deranged young man has absolutely nothing to do with this issue".

So what is the issue then MD? You're publicly blaming Palin and, demanding we not let HER off the hook.
How about putting the little bastard who DID shoot those people ON the hook?

LoL, my tone isn't cranky! My tone reflects that I actually expected more from you on this issue than trying to blame Palin for something some leftist nutcase has done.
My guess is that you've overdosed on too much Olbermann and Schultz who've both pretty much tried to blame Palin too.

microdot said...

Thank you for wishing me good luck. Keep playing your guessing games, maybe someday you'll get it right.

-Sepp said...

Judging from all the deflections and dodging, I'd say I'm right on target.
When the news first broke, all you lefties were almost gloating in a sick kind of way and hoping that it was some right winger that would validate your beliefs and the bullshit you've been parroting that those "teabaggers" are violent.
You all just STFU when it became known that the asshole is a hardcore liberal.
But, I guess shooting a woman in the face and killing a 9 year old girl is ok as long as you can blame the right?

Ever stop and actually LISTEN to what your liberal bretheren are saying lately? "Violent revolution" has been being bandied around the leftosphere lately.
One of you acted on it and now the rest of you are quiet...go figure.

microdot said...

As far as I am concerned, the only one who is dodging and deflecting here is you! Loughner was not a leftist, he was a loony and more than that, he was very influenced by the lunatic separatist idiocy that is becoming more and more widespread in the fringe of the far right lunasphere.
You and your apologist hard core conservative brehtren are the only ones saying that Loughner was a hard core liberal.
What is you want, Sepp? that I say that the insane violent rhetoric of the right , the cross hair language of Palin, the violent, eliminationist language of the anti aboritionists, the gun nut pandering of of Giffords opponent in the last election with his talk of getting Gifford in his guns sights never happened and has absolutely no effect on the minds of idiots like Loughner? Think again bud...
Your idiotic denial of reality and deflection of logic only hardens my conviction that you are part of the self inflicted brain damage that is destroying America.
Every post you put up here has only painted you more tightly into the extremely unreasonable logic deprived corner you seem to want to take haven in.
You waste my time, you waste everyones time and as far as I am concerned, on this subject, your time is up!

microdot said...

One more thing, but first let me indulge in the rhetorical idiocy that you seem to condone, fuck you, sepp...after all this is my fucking blog, my right to my free speech, you can complain and whine on your own blog and I will never know....
For the past two years, many conservative leaders, activists, and media figures have made a habit of trying to delegitimize their political opponents. Not just arguing against their opponents, but doing everything possible to turn them into enemies of the country and cast them out beyond the pale. Instead of “soft on defense,” one routinely hears the words “treason” and “traitor.” The President isn't a big-government liberal—he's a socialist who wants to impose tyranny. He's also, according to a minority of Republicans, including elected officials, an impostor. Even the reading of the Constitution on the first day of the 112th Congress was conceived as an assault on the legitimacy of the Democratic Administration and Congress.

This relentlessly hostile rhetoric has become standard issue on the right. (On the left it appears in anonymous comment threads, not congressional speeches and national T.V. programs.) And it has gone almost entirely uncriticized by Republican leaders. Partisan media encourages it, while the mainstream media finds it titillating and airs it, often without comment, so that the gradual effect is to desensitize even people to whom the rhetoric is repellent. We’ve all grown so used to it over the past couple of years that it took the shock of an assassination attempt to show us the ugliness to which our politics has sunk.

microdot said...

G'night Sepp.