Friday, January 28, 2011

Kill The Head And The Body Will Die...? The Pursuit Of Folly #2

This is the video which was the final straw, which triggered the crazed despotic, naked dictatorial fist of Hosni Mubarak's security apparati to crush the throat of the Egyptian Internet. As I write, hundreds of thousands of Egyptians are in the streets of all major Egyptian Cities. The latest reports which I have gotten from The Egyptian Association For Change are reporting fragmentation grenade attacks by the military against the protestors. An ever mounting number of deaths are being documented. I momentarily reeled in utter disbelief when I red in the NY Times this morning  that:
US vice-president Joe Biden told PBS NewsHour that Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak (who as presided over a 29 year reign characterized by blatantly stolen elections, suspension of civil liberties, torture and arbitrary detention) isn't a dictator and questioned the legitimacy of protesters' demands. The USA provides $1.3 billion/year in military aid to the Mubarak regime.
Asked if he would characterize Mubarak as a dictator Biden responded: "Mubarak has been an ally of ours in a number of things. And he's been very responsible on, relative to geopolitical interest in the region, the Middle East peace efforts; the actions Egypt has taken relative to normalizing relationship with - with Israel. ... I would not refer to him as a dictator..."
Biden urged non-violence from both protesters and the government and said: "We're encouraging the protesters to - as they assemble, do it peacefully. And we're encouraging the government to act responsibly and - and to try to engage in a discussion as to what the legitimate claims being made are, if they are, and try to work them out." He also said: "I think that what we should continue to do is to encourage reasonable... accommodation and discussion to try to resolve peacefully and amicably the concerns and claims made by those who have taken to the street. And those that are legitimate should be responded to because the economic well-being and the stability of Egypt rests upon that middle class buying into the future of Egypt."
But hours later, as I read about the ongoing investigation and world wide arrests of young hackers who are supporters and members of Anonymous, this new item seemed all the more ominous:

Keep in mind that Mubarak flipped the "kill switch" in Egypt to shut down dissent. Politicians will abuse the power that they have and not just in countries like Egypt. We all remember the Bush years, right?  Joe Lieberman has a  plan that won't even allow the courts to get involved in case of abuse. What is the problem with people like Lieberman who hate freedom? cnet:
A controversial bill handing President Obama power over privately owned computer systems during a "national cyberemergency," and prohibiting any review by the court system, will return this year.

Internet companies should not be alarmed by the legislation, first introduced last summer by Sens. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine), a Senate aide said last week. Lieberman, an independent who caucuses with Democrats, is chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.
 I stand shaking my head, reeling the second time today in utter disbelief, in a state of turmoil as I find myself actually agreeing with Rand Paul, the braying Jackass newly elected Republican Teabagging syncophant from Kentucky, who I am absolutely sure will live because if only because the gods protect the idiots, but will be made to suffer because of his opinion stated on Wolf Blitzers program on CNN, Jan. 26th that he wanted to end all foreign aid to I titled this post, Cut Off The Head And The Body Will Die.....


squatlo said...

Check out English al Jazeera's live streaming vid content at this link:

The administration is doing a highwire tightrope act trying to balance support for the protesters without alienating the Egyptian government that emerges from this upheaval.
It's our Tiananmen Square moment all over again.

-Sepp said...

While you're busy pointing and ponticating about Mubarak shutting down the internet, you seem to have never mentioned your displeasure that OBAMA wants his own kill switch for the net.
It must for different reasons that he would feel the need to have one though right?

BTW, since you're clock is 6 hours ahead of ours here, you must have already read the new Wikileaks release.
Well it seems that since 2009, the OBAMA administration has been secretly (not any more) funding, training and supplying "dissidents" or, rebels for "Regime change" (where have we heard that used before?) in Egypt!

So it seems that all of the riots, destruction and deaths have been orchestrated via the Obama administration's help!

I'd say this was pretty Bush-like but, Bush only seemed to do "regime change" on countries that were enemies instead of allies.

microdot said...

Crckey, it's Lieberman. Read the post before you go off on one of your preprogrammed parrot brained rants.
It's Lieberman bill which you are ranting about.

I agree that much has occurred behind the wood work.
But that is all I agree with in your mudflinging mindless Geckian rant.

microdot said...

Sepp,I think Mubarak has a job opportunity for you....
You could employ your talents by going to Egypt and cracking some skulls before the shit really hits the fan.

-Sepp said...

My "mindless rants" usually focus on your double standards.

Regardless of your personal oppinion of Mubarak, Egypt is still a friendly country to the U.S and, an ally in an area where we don't have many.
I find it repugnant that the Obama administration would be training, funding and, planting subversives in an allied country since 2009 while smiling and shaking hands with them in public.
If you remember your history at all, the Iranians rebelling against the Shah also began rioting under the idea that it was for freedom and democracy...which is EXACTLY what the Egyptians are on TV shouting...and we see where that went.
As for the Liebermann bill, it's been around for a while and has other supporting bills waiting to be mixed into it.
And, just because the bill has Liebermanns name at the top of it doesent make it any more rotten since Obama will be the one putting his signature on it if it reaches his desk.
After his extending of the Patriot act and, his addition of provisions to it, I have no doubt that he won't hesitate to sign it.

Then will you be outraged? When Bush was pulling this shit, you were.
Oddly enough, when Bush was pulling this shit, we seemed to agree quite often.
From what I can see, the only "change" Obama has brought about is, the change in what your standards for shitty government has been reduced to.

I've never asked you to change your beliefs MD but, when you believed something was wrong while Bush was doing it, I would expect a reasonable man to see it the same way when another guy is doing it.
Was it more wrong when Bush did it or, less wrong when Obama IS doing it?
Or, just plain wrong?