Wednesday, January 05, 2011

If Daddy Says It's Bad....

Rapidly disappearing Andean glaciers
Today, the brave new world of the Republican controlled House of Representatives began with an inspiring waste of taxpayers dollars as they pay themselves to sit through an entire marathon reading of  The United States is probably still being read as I write this. It's a calculated boring show for the masses who think their new Republican government is actually working for the electorate.
Snoring their way through the afternoon, slipping out for a smoke, a drink with Good Time Johnny Boehner, The new Speaker of The House, no one is listening, because no one really gives a damn.
These brave new original thinkers, who haven't had a new idea in decades are waiting for their marching orders from their corporate masters. They have to enact the legislation which will uphold and promote the interests and fortunes of their elite puppeteers. They have to figure out how to untie and dismantle the reins of regulation. One of their stated priorities will be to turn back any environmental legislation and promote the meme that climate change does not exist. 
Climate scientists will again fund themselves under attack and their facts discredited by waves of corporate anti science research. We lived through the debacle of Climate Gate, the discredited attack that derailed the Copenhagen Climate Summit. If you thought that was bad, hunker down because their newly empowered madness is about to be unleashed.
Facts? who needs stinkin' facts?
Who cares if only yesterday, a team of American, Swiss and Canadian researchers released evidence of the drastic shift since 1970 of the North Atlantic Ocean currents which control our weather?
The team of biochemists and oceanographers from Switzerland, Canada and the United States detected changes in deep sea Atlantic corals that indicated the declining influence of the cold northern Labrador Current.
They said in the US National Academy of Science journal PNAS that the change "since the early 1970s is largely unique in the context of the last approximately 1,800 years," and raised the prospect of a direct link with global warming.
The Labrador Current interacts with the warmer Gulfstream from the south.
They in turn have a complex interaction with a climate pattern, the North Atlantic Oscillation, which has a dominant impact on weather in Europe and North America.
Scientists have pointed to a disruption or shifts in the oscillation as an explanation for moist or harsh winters in Europe, or severe summer droughts such as in Russia, in recent years.
One of the five scientists, Carsten Schubert, of the Swiss Federal Institute of Acquatic Sciences and Technology (EAWAG), underlined that for nearly 2,000 years the sub polar Labrador current off northern Canada and Newfoundland was the dominant force.
However that pattern appeared to have only been repeated occasionally in recent decades.
"Now the southern current has taken over, it's really a drastic change," Schubert told AFP, pointing to the evidence of the shift towards warmer water in the northwest Atlantic.
The research was based on nitrogen isotope signatures in 700 year old coral reefs on the ocean floor, which feed on sinking organic particles.
While water pushed by the Gulfstream is salty and rich in nutrients, the colder Arctic waters carried by the Labrador current contain fewer nutrients.
Changes could be dated because of the natural growth rings seen in corals.
"The researchers suspect there is a direct connection between the changes in oceanic currents in the North Atlantic and global warming caused by human activities," said EAWAG in a statement."
People who have bought into the corporationists view don't "believe" in science because the truth interferes with the profit margin, even though they don't get a dime from the corporations. It's too damn easy to be infantile. They want to please daddy. Daddy does my thinking for me, and if daddy says it is bad, then it is bad.


darkblack said...

So, America...How does it feel to have your elected representatives engage in a bit of remedial reading at taxpayer expense?

Does it feel as good as cashing those government disability checks and business subsidies while screaming your heads off about Big Gummint wasteful spending and the need for fiscal prudence?

Or as good as absolutely refusing to support your Commander-in Chief in any way because of skin color and ideology...after backing up the play, fully and with no questions asked for 8 goddamn years, of some dry drunk blue-blood 4th-generation traitor and his cronies wanting blood for oil?

If cognitive dissonance was'd have drowned in your beds by now.


Laci the Chinese Crested said...

I have to admit that the 112th Congress is a frightening body.

It would be nice is people woke up, but darkblack has it right.

microdot said...

What is happening in America is a resonant echo of what is happening all over the world, but this version is a distorted, amplified, uniquely American production.

I always thought that the ugliness we experience now is comparable to the last rampage of the dinosaurs as they went extinct. The resurgence of fundamentalism, the aggressive naked greed of corporations and financial institutions.

The last epic struggle of the oil companies to extract every little drop from the any price, but who has time for karma?
Karma is a bitch!

-Sepp said...

I'm all for them reading the constitution. It should be educational for both parties to find out that there are limits to their power.
While their into reading things now, I'd suggest they start reading the laws they pass...BEFORE passing them!

microdot said...

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...if only they would read the constitution before passing out....
get real, bud, yer' beginning to get delusional on us....