Sunday, May 06, 2012

The First Official Congratualtion

General Aladeen is the first world leader to officially congratulate Francois Hollandaise on his
historic victory!

Actually, we are over joyed with Hollandes victory. This is the end of 5 years of destructive, divisive, and frankly fascistic policies. Also, the beginning of the prosecution of one of the most corrupt administrations in the history of modern France. Francois Holland spoke in Tulle an hour ago and I have tried to translate his remarks:
“The French have chosen change in me with the presidency of the Republic. I appreciate the honor done to me and the task before me.I pledge to serve my country with dedication and exemplary function required. I extend a hello Republican Nicolas Sarkozy, who deserves our respect.I express my gratitude to all those and all those who by their votes, have made the victory possible. Many have been waiting for this moment for many years. Other, younger, had never known. I am proud to have been able to restore hope.I imagine their excitement tonight, I share it, I feel. That emotion should be that of dignity, pride, responsibility. The change must be equal to France and it will start now.
To voters who have not given me their vote, they know that I respect their belief and that I will be president for all. Tonight there are no two faces of France but a nation united in the same fate.Everyone will be treated on equal rights and duties. No child of the Republic will be left out or discriminated against. And the promise of success will be honored for the completion of each. Too many fractures, wounds, ruptures have been allowed to separate us. We have reached the end.The first duty of the president is to reassemble and meet the challenges ahead. Recovery of our production to take our country out of crisis. Deficit reduction, preservation of the social model to protect the public service, equality of all our territories. Educational focus, the schools of the Republic, will be our commitment. The reorientation of Europe for employment growth, the future.
Today when the French elected me president of the République, I ask to be judged on justice and youth.I have confidence in France, I know it well. I traveled over France, witnessing the suffering, the difficulties of the people. I was able to measure all the assets, strengths, the chances of our country.I know we will recover, we have always done in our history and we will succeed again in the next five years.
Human dignity, equality between men and women, that is how I have accomplished my mission.The French dream is our history: progress. Give our children a better life than ours. It is this dream that I will try to accomplish with the mandate I was given.
I realize that Europe is watching us. When the result was declared, I’m sure it was a relief and a hope in many countries. It is the mission which now is mine and that’s what I say as soon as possible to my European partners.We are France and President of the Republic, I will come back to carry the aspirations of the people of France.May 6, must be a milestone for our country a fresh start for Europe and a new hope for the world.
I love my country, I love France and I want trust between us all.
I am a socialist, I always wanted the us to be to the left but we all are Republicans. (translation note: not in the American GOP sense…but as citizens of the republic)
Finally, I salute my department of Correze. I owe you everything, you have always given me your votes.Now I am in the service of France. I serve the Republic, France with the causes and values ​​I brought. Long live the Republic and long live France! “


Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Microdot,
As I have said before.....Great News my friend!!! Now let's hope for a repeat of sanity here in the States.....EVERY WHERE!!!

bna said...

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dog gone said...

Vive la France!

I would like to repost this as well, with your permission.

Right wing seems to operate the same in every language -- benefiting the special interests and wealthy at the expense of the rest of us, over layered and deeply permeated with corruption.

Or is that redundant?

Your blog is a delight microdot; I particularly love the art, music, and cartoon and movie / video clips. (I share your interest in the silent era btw.)

Well done!

microdot said...

lPlease repost anything you find on my blog with gay abandon. I repost a lot, but when something I write or create goes beyond this blog, I am humbly flattered...I am glad you find this place as much fun to look at as I find in posting it...