Thursday, May 24, 2012

Frankly, I'm Not That Nasty.....

Sometimes you read something that really pisses you off, so much that you have to walk away and think about it. Did I understand the implications, the I over reacting? Well, uhh, no...I don't lose my temper easily, but I think I've really lost it here.
Some personal background: I have been afflicted with the curse of asthma for over 55 years. To the point where I have ended up in emergency rooms as a teen. I've tried to deal with it as best as I could, perhaps in some way it has inspired me to constantly go beyond my fears, to push myself. It is what has made me a 62 year old long distance biker. I have to admit, that it wasn't until I started living here in France and dealing with the French medical system that I felt it was actually under control. For me, it's pretty easy...a daily dose of cortisone and the use of salbutamol inhaler when I need it. I have another prescription, an inhalable powder called formoterol which I use occasionally. I dealt with some very bad doctors in the USA and the medicine I used had some very nasty side effects. It was very expensive. Here in France, I spend about 120 Euros a year out of pocket, but through my Mutual program, almost all of it is reimbursed. My doctor tells me that I am much better than when he started treating me and I know he is right, because I simply am. I run, I swim, I am a long distance biker and in pretty good shape these days.
For you information, the salbutamol inhaler is a lot less dangerous than the old style ephedrine inhalers sold ovder the counter in the USA. The ephedrine inhalers caused had many side effects and abuse could cause heart problems. Salbutamol is used regularly by asthmatic athletes as a precompetition treatment. You cannot "get high" from a Salbutamol inhaler, but in most cases it will give immediate relief from a severe attack.
But, as I said at the beginning of this piece, I have experienced severe life threatening asthma attacks in the past. I know what it is like to be practically unconscious, semi coherent, unable to breathe.
So I read this story today, about an incident that occurred in a Deltona, Florida Public High School on Monday. A 17 year old kid, Michael Rudi had a severe asthma attack in school. He asked to go to the school nurse because his prescrption Salbutomol inhaler had been consficated from his locker in a security search a few days earlier. The inhaler was in it's original packaging, with his name on the prescription. It was given to the nurse for safe keeping. He was supposed to have his parents sign a form that allowed him to use it in the school. He hadn't returned the form yet.
So Michael goes to the nurse as his attack gets worse. The nurse refuses to let him have the inhaler. He begs and begins to collapse. The nurse, who is being protected by the Deltona School Authorities, closes and locks the door of her office and watches him from behind a window. What did the school authorities do? Did they even call 911 so trained professionals could deal with a real medical emergency? No. They called Michaels mother, who drove to the school and found her son collapsed, semi conscious on the floor of the school hallway outside the nurses office.
Michael stated later that he felt he was dying. The school had his medical records and knew of his condition. Mrs' Rudi said that she tried to press child endangerment charges with the police, but the school is trying to stonewall it because of the lack of the signed form. But, the bottom line, the kid could have died and they didn't even call 911. I believe that the so called nurse betrayed the trust to carry out even the most basic resposiblities of her purported role. I believe that if Michael Rudi wasn't Hispanic in the so called Rick Scott unreality George Zimmerman show state of Florida and had gone to a school in a wealthy neighborhood, this could have never happened. Right now, I have absolutely no sympathy for the so called nurse. I would like to see her lose her job and be prosecuted for her negligence for not calling medical authorities at the very least. Actually, I'd like to know if her professional equipement includes a taser, because you know, in Florida, this could have easily turned into a case of, "Well, yer honor, the perp started to behave in a erratically violent irrational manner and started to demand his drugs, so I just had to do away with understand..."
I could say that I wished the so called nurse could have the experience of knowing what a full blown asthma attack is like, but frankly, I'm not that nasty........


Estancia De La Ding Dong said...

Absolutely incredible negligence. I hadn't heard this news report but it infuriates me that this could have happened.

Ol'Buzzard said...

I could be wrong, but it seems to me that this could only happen in the south.
the Ol'Buzzard

microdot said...

You could be right....I was just watching a video of Anderson Cooper interviewing a spokeperson for the congregation in Asheville NC where the pastor gave the sermon calling for all the homosexuals to be rounded up and starved to death behind an electrified fence.
The scary thing was that the incoherence of the ugly fat cracker lady was so damn entertaining in a morbidly fascinating way that I had to watch it three times, but there was a down side, so to speak....I might have become gay...i'm not sure.

dog gone said...

You live in France; so far as that North Carolina preacher is concerned you're already gay AND damned for choosing to associate with those Frenchies. Or as he would say it ASS-sociate.

I just read about a young woman who got drunk celebrating receiving her college degree -- and to be fair, she was seriously drunk -- in one of these shoot first states like Florida. She opened someone's screen door, mistaking the house, and was shot.

This was during the day time, and she was clearly impaired, but far from dangerous. No 911 call until afterwards --- and SHE is the one who might go to jail.

I suppose she should be grateful, according to the reasoning of these people, that they called authorities after they injured her.

You are lucky to be in France. It is stories like yours that make me just shake my head when I hear right wing politicians chanting blindly "We are number 1! WE have the best health care in the world!".

NO, we don't, we are far from having the best health care in the world. Countries like France have better health care, just saying so doesn't make ours better, and Obamacare would only be a small step forward, not the big step we need.

microdot said...

live in a rural, not particularly wealthy region of France.Yet our canton just opened a state of the art health services center. Beautiful new architecturally integrated energy efficient technology. This was buit under the regime of Sarko who was doing everything he could to cut back on Health services! Things are changing fast already under Hollande. It's been an educational experience to experience the real differences in democratic systems. Under the French parliamentary system, the president wields enormous power compared to the American system, so the ideological changes are much more immediate. I even noticed it last week when I paid my yearly visit to the Prefecture in Perigueux. The normally rude functionaries were just so damn nice!

squatlo said...

I've been away from your site way too long. This story was news to me, and like you, I'm damned pissed about it. If that kid had died they would have blamed his mom for not returning a form? Please... a NURSE refusing to treat, comfort, or get professional help for a child in obvious need should be terminated immediately (then beaten with wet radishes...)

Seriously, there are things going on these days that boggle the mind. The fact that this happened in Floriduh doesn't surprise me in the slightest.