Saturday, May 05, 2012

Noir Desire

Here's a live clip from the great French Rock Band, Noir Desire from 2001.
Bernard Cantat and his friends from Bordeaux were one of the most powerfully creative forces in French music in the 90's into the early 2000's. At the peak of their success, they confronted the powerful media industry figure Jean-Marie Messier as he presented them with the French version of a Grammie...La Victoire de Musique with a powerful damning indictment of his strangle hold on the industry. 
Tragically, a few months later, Cantat was in a Romanian Prison for the accidental death of his girl friend, the actress, Marie Trintignant. That was the effective end of this band. Perhaps we will never know the real facts in Maries's death and perhaps Bernard will never either. Please visit my friend. Clement's blog, Musicoldnews, for a pretty good sampling of the bands music. They collaborated with Leonard Cohen, 16 Horsepower and the Gun Club. Cantat recorded in English occasionally, but Desire Noir really made a very passionate case for the use of  the French language in Rock...Clements blog is a French blog, but he wrote this post in English, just for you!

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