Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ice From Space

This is an episode from the Science Fiction Anthology Television series, Tales Of Tomorrow which ran from 1951 to 1953. I just discovered these and they are classic! The series was put together by Theodore Sturgeon and when you start to look at the players, you find a lot of first appearances by many actors and actresses who went on to become major stars. This particular episode is the first recorded on screen appearance by Paul Newman from 1951. I find the writing particularly good and this was the forerunner of Twilight Zone. In some cases, Rod Sterling adapted some of the plots from Tales Of Tomorrow for the Twilight Zone. I feel like I stumbled into a gold mine.


squatlo said...

Paul Newman is one of my favorite actors, and this is a rare find indeed! Thanks!

Ol'Buzzard said...

though I was twelve in 51 I never saw this series... we did not have television in our small town in Mississippi until mid to late fifties.

the Ol'Buzzard